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Hey guys, this is my first mod. I am terrible at making textures, so i thought i could upload my character- Ashura (lol that´s the name of my CPU cooler, i am one creative gentleman). If you are good at creating followers, please lat me know and make a follower out of her.

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So: there is not that much to say. This is my personal preset, as you probably know. It would be cool if you guys could upload a few images of my preset in your game. I really like it, and in my opinion the ningheim race is one of the best races to create handsome characters. Let me know your thoughts, or any wishes for future presets if you think i am able to create great presets. So to my characters personality: She is a 19 year old ningheim, she never knew her parents, however she was the withdrawing child of rich parents. Her brother was 12 years older than she, but an intelligent boy. But she didn´t liked the live as a rich kid. She fled in the age of 15 and joined a group of bandits, but after the leader of the group tryed to rape her, she had to kill him. As well as all the other bandits. This is where her scare comes from. She didnt knew where to go. She heard of boethia, and decided to join it. The scars got more and more after several year of fighting. Her older brother joind the vigilant´s of stendarr. After 2 years as a fighter of boethia she decided to stop this madness. She became a mercenary. She does not know what happend to her family, she grew up in helgen... ( I hope you enjoy this preset as much as i did creating it, new preset´s on the way.)