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Disclaimer - This racemenu preset will not grant you zero deaths

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Race is Nord
If you download this you are legally obligated to subscribe to PewDiePie and unsubscribe from T-Series, failing to do so will result in immediate death.
Racemenu -  to load the preset
Ks Hairdos - Renewal - Uses the Zombrex style,  *if you want the lighter fringe look shown in the screenshots use Multi coloured Hairdos  - Monochrome Retexture
Brows - Uses BrowsMaleHumanoid_d_01
Beards - *I didn't realize I had retextured these ages ago, seeking permission to upload the darker version 

Marzia and Familiar Faces - Have Marzia and Felix tag along as a followers!

* Due to the fact I rexextured all my beards and made them darker you will not get the same look shown in screenshots and the beard will be much lighter. My Skyrim install is currently very broken and I can't go check which texture this beard uses. Hoping to upload the all retextures if given permission but until then, if you want to do it yourself in around 10 minutes try using and a dds plugin, all you need to do is go in the in the adjustments tab and lower the brightness on each dds in ?:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\beards (but not the ones ending in _n, and remember to back up the original textures) until they look something like this and then save as dds, a box will pop up, make sure the that DXT5 is selected and then hit ok. This is applied to multiple beards and imo gives them a bit of a more natural look depending on the kinds of hairs you use.

Armor in Screenshots is the BDO Crowned Eagle Armor
Hoodie, jeans, and sneakers can be found on LoversLab under Modern Clothes (Beware,  tiddies  and benis ahead -  it says it requires SOS but it works fine
without it.)