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About this mod

This preset was made for my original character.

Permissions and credits
Argus was my first original character that i created 6 months ago.

Requirement :

  1. Racemenu
  2. The Witcher 3 Eyes
  3. Beards
  4. Brows
  5. KS Hairdos
  6. Skysight Skins

How to Use :

  1. Extract the contents of the.rar into data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets
  2. Play the game
  3. Type "showracemenu" in console command
  4. Select the Breton Race
  5. Open Preset Slide
  6. Press F9, and load my preset
  7. Done

Background Story :

Argus is a Breton who loves the art of swords, in his sparetime he always practice the art of swordmanship with his rivals.
Until someday Argus decided to take a new journey. Argus travels to Skyrim to pursue the life he dreams of.
He's excited to fight and desire to grow stronger, but as time goes by, Argus finds someone he loves in a village,
and finally Argus decides to marry her and change his life to become a good husband.
but when Argus was on a mission to huntdown a monster in a dungeon,
the village where his wife was living was attacked by a group of necromancers who were performing their rituals.

After completing his mission to hunt down the monster, Argus returns to the village and shocked to see the village destroyed,
and then run as fast as he can to see his wife's situation, then he sees group of necromancers has made all villagers into a bunch of undead,
Argus was attacked from all directions, but with his skill, he could block everything and defeat the necromancers one by one,
until leaving only one undead he couldn't kill, his own wife.

Argus wept over the circumstances as he hugged his wife, but suddenly his wife attacked and almost killed him
because his wife was still under control by necromancer behind him who was hiding before, Argus immediately chased
the necromancer and instantly shoots him down with a bow, then Argus approached him and threatened to kill him,
and asked the necromancer to save his wife, but the necromancer can't return the undead to life again,
he explain that the soul of his wife can still be saved, but her body can't be saved.

After heard that Argus became very angry and prepared Black Soul Gem to save the soul of his wife,
and swear he'll find a way to revive his wife someday, instantly with tears in his eyes,
Argus slashed his enchanted dagger to his wife's body and hold the soul to make sure enter the Black Soul Gem he has prepared,
and then his wife's corpse turns into ashes.

With a very dark sadness, Argus became very angry at the necromancer who had made his wife and the villager a living corpse,
and finally Argus tortured the necromancer until there was nothing left of his body,
not even his bones because Argus's mind had been blinded by anger.

Credits :

All the credit goes to the mod's authors.