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The #1 Weather & Lighting overhaul for Skyrim.

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As someone who suffers with depression, anxiety, insomnia and tinnitus, I know how crippling mental health issues can be. Mental health awareness is still an ongoing fight for sufferers and their friends and families. Due to my issues and in particular my tinnitus, I have studied sound therapy for some years now as a way to alleviate the suffering. I have very recently decided to create a Youtube Channel called 'Meditation Road - Sound Therapy', with the intention of passing on some of the knowledge I have gained in the hope that it might help others.

So all I ask is if you would like to support me and pass on a 'thanks', then I would really appreciate you subscribing to my Youtube Channel. Thank you.


Climates of Tamriel is the most endorsed and downloaded weather and lighting overhaul for TES: Skyrim.

It replaces all of the vanilla game weather and lighting, and replaces it with its own unique, beautiful style. It adds hundreds of weather variations ranging from sunny, cloudy, overcast, stormy, snowy blizzards and foggy, and the sunrises and sunsets are second to none.

It also adds effects such as real sheet and fork lightning creating truly violent thunderstorms, and volumetric fog. It adds new thunder sounds as well as interior rain sounds which are adjustable via the in-game menu.

Climates of Tamriel also provides optional modules for darker nights, more atmospheric interiors, as well as darker dungeons.

Complete overhaul of the skyrim weather and lighting system

Tons of beautiful and atmospheric weather variations

Sunny, Cloudy, Overcast, Snow, Blizzards, Foggy, Rainy and Stormy

All cloud textures replaced

Jaw dropping sunsets and sunrises that are second to none

Remastered night lighting

Auroras effect night lighting

New multiple lens flare system

New thunder sounds

Interior weather sounds

X3 Night plugins which allow you to get your night darkness just right

x2 Interior plugins which make taverns and interior buildings more atmospheric (warm or cold)

x2 Dungeon plugins which makes those dark places even more darker, atmospheric and creepy.

Performance, stable and FPS friendly.

Climates of Tamriel is not compatible with other mods that implement similar features.

Other rain/snow/fog mods might be compatible with or without patches to be put after COT.
(Check with those mod authors if its compatible its not up to COT to be compatible with them,
well unless I make a patch for some reason)

Why does this eat up my fps?
It shouldn't unless you have a really old rig at this point.

Is this safe to uninstall?
Yeah, just go in a house first and "fw 81a" save and then uninstall
before installing another weather/lighting mod

Why can't I see the rain?
There might be a mod conflict with another rain mod and I would uninstall that one first then install CoT and run "fw 1044831" to test rain in game.
If you don't have any other rain mods installed I would still redownload the current version of CoT and run "fw 1044831" first before commenting to make sure the file didn't get corrupt for some reason.

Ill be adding more here when getting more common questions.

Obviously JJ Creator of COT
TESEdit Team (and their lil hidden readme file :p)
Nifscope Team
All those that have supported JJ and CoT with donations and encouragement over the years
(they know who they are)
Bethesda and Zenimax Media

Read the permissions / changelog for more information