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Tried using a LoS preset on CoT 5 and realized it just aint happening? Maybe this will help.. less saturated color for your lanterns!

Permissions and credits
Long story short, i didn't like the saturated orange color i was seeing when i used CoT v5 along with Lanterns of Skyrim, so i searched on Nexus and didn't find anything.

Not gonna lie, i was using purity for a long while but i couldn't get it to play nice with true storms.. although i used CoT before that so.. yeah rambling.

Throb23, however, had uploaded a preset but for v3.1 of CoT. He also uploaded a "how to" make your own.. so i did.

Permission was given to create and upload in the "how to" so yay!
Anyways, hope i don't mess anything up, check out the screenshots, and i hope this can be useful to someone as i really only intended to make it for myself but what the heck.

Oh and i use the Nights 2 version of CoT.

Credits to:

throb23 for the esp and easy to follow instructions (if you want to make your own preset, go check his page out and download his stuff for it!)

Mannygt for the amazing Lanterns of Skyrim

jjc71 for the equally amazingĀ  Climates of Tamriel