About this mod

Frustrated with dark water? Or you want CoT weather in Wyrmstooth, or in a tropical or summer setting? Look no further.

Permissions and credits


I know that you still sticking with Climates of Tamriel for some reason or another.

I'm sure that there are people out there who don't like their water dark even with the best water mods not matching up nicely with a weather mod. Or they feel that tropical weather needs more teeth. Or some mods are in dire need of CoT weather pizzazz. Or you're using an ENB preset that only works with CoT but you want to use a tropical weather mod.

Now I have the solution which everyone might be looking for:

  • Water color fix to get rid of the dark water by restoring the original vanilla water color for best compatibility for CoT with water mods
  • Summer and tropical weather patches so that if you're using climate mods such as, say, Tropical Skyrim, you get nicer, more realistic weather (and no sandstorm)
  • Wyrmstooth patch to extend CoT weathers to that island.
  • Some other patches planned for other worldspaces.


  • This patch kit assumes that you're using Mod Organizer, as other patches are in the Optional directory.
  • This patch kit should work with both CoT 3.1 and CoT 5.0
  • If you're using Audio Overhaul for Skyrim and the associated CoT patch, you may have to run a TES5edit script to create a special patch for summer weather.
  • Some patch mods made for CoT should be compatible with this patch kit; as tested: Wonders of Weather, Minty Lightning, Supreme Storms, True Storms, prod80's CoT patches, etc.
  • The patches can be sorted using LOOT. Make adjustments if desired.
  • For Falskaar, emadjo already has a CoT patch for it.

All screenshots were taken in conjunction with a heavily-modified version of
Bronze316's Project ENB, adapted for 0.308 binaries.


  • Climates of Tamriel by jjc71
  • Supreme Storms by mannyGT (as used)
  • True Storms by fadingsignal (as used)
  • Wyrmstooth by j0nx0r (as used)
  • Lightning During Thunderstorms by minty911 (as used)
  • Tropical Skyrim by soolie
  • Realistic Water Two by isoku (as used)
  • W.A.T.E.R. (now part of The Ruffled Feather pack for STEP) by Sparrowprince


This mod is exclusive only to Nexus. It is also NOT for sale, nor be included in a mod pack for commercial exploitation.