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An ENB with natural color tones, photorealistic light and color settings and a strong emphasis on winter and cold weathers. For NLA.

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------- ////////// INTRODUCTION ////////// -----------

Naturalism ENB is a long going project of mine, it's a complete rework of an unreleased ENB I ended changing for this along the process.
The objective is simple, make Skyrim look like a natural northern climate land.
Using reference high quality images and Confidence-Man's already existing NLA settings, I've put toghether this ENB. If you're looking for natural color tones, realistic lighting and a cold feeling I'm sure you'll not be disappointed!

This ENB is made with NLA in mind, but it may also work with CoT just don't expect it to look as good.
Using Seasons of Skyrim Winter Edition is highly recommended.

////////// INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS ///////////

Download the base enb files from
(always download the latest version when in doubt, current is 0.254 stable).
Extract the files to your Skyrim directory, where the exe is located.
Download this ENB and extract it in the same place as you extracted the base ENB, when asked to merge and overrwrite say yes to all. Make sure everything is in place.
Configure enblocal.ini properly for your machine's specs.
Download NLA by confidence man here:
Extract the plugin to your Data folder, but DON'T replace the settings for ENB it has, you'd be changing the custom settings of this ENB.
Activate the NLA plugin with your mod manager of choice.

When you launch the game you should be getting a confirmation on the top left corner with the ENB binary info, that means you did everything right so far.

After that, edit the in-game brightess to the lowest value, and let enb&sfx do the rest.

If you're experiencing crashes make sure the dlls are properly named, placed and mentioned in the enblocal file.

If you're still having issues, try using ENBHelper, asking in the comment section and reading the ENB optimisation guides that are here on the Nexus, they sure will come in handy for those inexperienced.

//////////////// RECOMMENDED MODS //////////////

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Seasons of Skyrim Project WINTER version
Realistic Water Two (with the ENB water parallax maps)
Project Parallax
Enhanced Lights and FX
Wet and Cold

And any other retex you want really, these are my favorites as far as enhancing the winter mood go.

/////// MORE ///////

Check for updates, beta versions and almost daily uploads of images on my flickr account