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Custom Preset for LoS to be used with Climates of Tamriel Includes Candle flicker and non-flicker versions

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[size=7]Custom Lanterns of Skyrim preset for Climates of Tamriel v3.1[/size]

Now with OR without candle flicker!

This is my own preset made for Lanterns of Skyrim to be used with Climates of Tamriel v3.1. Full credit and respect to both parties for creating these awesome integral mods!

The human eye can see a burning candle from so far away the only thing that stops you is the curvature of the earth. So why is it that when you use both of these mods you can only see the candle lanterns when your stood next them? I fixed that. well.....I think I did. And for own aesthetic choice you can have it with or without candle flicker.


I play CoT with the nights set on the darkest level, the old presets for CoT v2.1 just arn`t good enough to keep up with the new levels, and a new preset was needed. I got a bit tired of faffing around and waiting for someone else to do it so i did it myself. I found a guide from mannygt on creating your own preset, and made my one for CoT.

So this is it.

It is made for CoT night Level 8, but will work with any CoT setting. I made this in a bit of a rush, so i will probably do some tweaking and release an update. This mod is simply me sharing my own choice for a preset with you. So if its not to your liking then make your own.

In the downloads you can find the walk-through from mannygt that i found.


1. Choose which version you want.....I recommend the Candle Flicker version
2. Download
3. Unpack to Skyrim directory. Either manually or using Wrye Bash (I use the latter and have no idea if this will work through NMM or not)

Load Order

mannygt for Lanterns of Skyrim -
jjc71 for Climates of Tamriel -

and to ME for - Learning BBcode so i could post this file and look not half bad doing it :D