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SUSHi ENB , new preset by me based on CR ENB by BigEyesCarl, for enb series 0.266, ELFX (without weather.esp), Purewater and CoT absolutely required.

Permissions and credits

REQUIREMENTS : ELFX, Purewater, CoT with all patches (not from prod) , latest ENB series wrapper version (0.269 actually) 

INSTALLATION Step I. Download latest version ENB files on Enb official website and copy the "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" from the wrapper version not injector to your skyrim folder.

Step II. Download "enbhelper" and copy to your enbseries folder.

Step III. Copy all of the files in the SUSHi ENB folder to where Skyrim.exe is (usually locate at Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim).

Step IV. Editing the following lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini; if one of the line doesn't exist, just copy the following like and paste it to under the [Display section]

IMPORTANT: In [LIMITER] Section of enblocal.ini : waitbusyrenderer must set to false not true !!! I reuploaded the file please redownload the new version 


- Vivid Cloud and Fog v2 WIP for CoT
- Tamriel reloaded mountain and rock
- Serious HD retexture
- Skyrim HD - 2K texture
- Purewater
- SFO lastest version
-Lorkhans Vision - Night Sky V2 by Doubloonz
Skyrim Particle Patch & Sub Surface Scattering patch by mindflux
- Verdant grass plugin
- Real ICE or Kakasi ICE texture
- Skyrim High Definition Lods by Tamu75
- Expand object lods by tamu75

 PERMISSIONS : Feel free to tweak my preset if you want !  Feel free to submit your screenshots 

My new ENB available here :


Big Thank You to 'BigEyesCarl'!
Thank to Tru3th!
Thank to Flickr community! 
thank to skyrim community!
Thank to Boris for enbseries!
Thank to Kingeric1992!

Weather mostly used for screenshots : Clear_01 : - 'fw81a ' in console  (Clear_01)

My flickr:[email protected]/

sorry for my bad english ^^' it's not my native language I'm french

PC Specs:
GTX 970 MSI OC +185MHz core clock boost, 500MHz RAM OC
AMD FX 8320 OC @4,4 Ghz
8 GB RAM DDR3 1600Mhz

in 1680x1050 (native resolution) with ultra settings, modded (2k textures) and tweaked Skyrim (uGrids=7,9,11..etc) : 28 fps min - ~35-40 average - 60 max
in 2240x1400 (DSR Downsampling) with ultra settings, modded (2k textures) and tweaked Skyrim (uGris=7,9,11...etc) : 22 fps min - 30-32 fps average - 45 fps max