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A small collection of 5 patches created by moirai for the new lands mod Summerset Isle v1.35, merged into one single plugin!
Includes CoT weathers, RND eating and drinking effects, allowed calling and riding of Convenient Horses horses and Vanilla/Dawnguard horses, and added Ambient Sounds from Skyrim.
All combinations are possible!

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What is this?

By request of several people to upload it:
This little addition merges all the individual patches created by moirai for the new lands mod
Summerset Isle v1.35 by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere
into one single plugin!

The initial release only contains a merged patch of all of the 5 individual patches, but if you'd need a merged patch of other combinations with perhaps fewer patches included, feel free to ask and I'll make it.
Please just don't ask me to make patches or merges for other mods, because I won't.
An automatic FOMOD installer is included!

Please take one second to endorse this file if you like it so that other people will also know of its existence!

I did not alter any of these individual patches, nor did I make them, moirai did. Therefore I'm not responsible for any problems caused by the edits moirai made. I merely merged his patches for the sake of shrinking my load order and facilitating the installation process and I've uploaded it with permission from the authors because there was some demand for it.
I've checked the individual patches and my merged patch for errors and tested my merged patch for correct functionality ingame.
If problems would occur anyway, feel free to ask me but I can't guarantee a solution since moirai has more knowledge about his patches' content then I do and probably also about patching in general.


1. Climates of Tamriel Patch

This patch is for the people who use the weather mod Climates of Tamriel. By default, the weather system on Summerset Isle is pretty bad. As explained by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere, the maker of Summerset Isle, there is an issue with the game's engine regarding weather types for newly added worldspaces. It results in the same rainy weather 85% off the time based on how regions were generated because of a problem with how the regions are drawn by the CK and cell transitions, no matter what the chance percentage of rain would be. He did a number of tests with weather and in the end he opted to keep clear weather 100% of the time, as an alternative to rain 85% of the time.

Even though having clear weather all the time might be better than rain all the time, it's still not immersive! This patch aims to fix that by changing the default weathers in Summerset Isle to the following CoT weathers:
  • Clear (45% chance)
  • Slightly Cloudy (40% chance)
  • Overcast with Light Rain (10% chance)
  • Overcast with Heavy Rain and Thunder (5% chance)

2. Realistic Needs and Diseases Patch

Summerset Isle adds several new foods and drinks to the game for you to find. However by default, the mod Realistic Needs and Diseases is unable to detect those items. This results in you not gaining any of the positive or negative effects from RND when consuming those goods.
This patch fixes that by adding the drinking and eating effects from RND to the newly added foods and drinks by Summerset Isles so that you won't be consuming them only to free up your inventory!

Furthermore, a couple of alterations to the making of tea on Summerset Isle were made.
By default, in order to make tea you first need to make tea leaves using a wooden bowl and the appropriate ingredients. Then you can make your tea with the tea leaves and a teacup. However, when you drink your tea, the teacup is lost!
So, what this patch also does is adding RND's water to the tea making recipe so that it requires water, tea leaves and a cup to make tea. Also a new magic effect is added that puts the tea cup back into your inventory after drinking the tea, which makes sense right! This does however require the addition of a tiny script, and I mean tiny. All it does is it adds a teacup to your inventory. Nothing more, nothing less. It only runs once when you drink the tea. This same mechanic is already used in RND for adding empty water bottles back to your inventory after drinking them. So, if your are familiar with that, you'll understand how simple and unobtrusive the process actually is.

Moirai is also trying to find a way to add an empty wooden bowl back to your inventory after you've made tea, but that's a bit more tricky since recipes can only produce one item. But he'll look into it, and as soon as he updates his patch, I'll update my merged one too!

3. Horse Riding Patch: Vanilla/Dawnguard

By default, you will not be able to summon vanilla horses, including Arvak (Dawnguard), in any new worldspaces added by a new lands mod, like Summerset Isle. This is because you are restricted to specific vanilla worldspaces to avoid horses being summoned in unsuitable areas like interiors or quested locations, and worldspaces added by mods are not automatically allowed. Allowed worldspaces are stored in FormID lists.

The vanilla/Dawnguard 'RidableWorldSpaces' FormID List contains the following allowed worldspaces:
  • Skyrim
  • Soul Cairn (DG)
  • Blackreach
  • Dayspring Canyon (DG)

The patch adds the following worldspaces from Summerset Isle to that list, so that you can spawn and ride your (skeletal) horse on Summerset Isle:
  • Summerset Isle
  • Summerset Artaeum

4. Horse Riding Patch: Convenient Horses

This patch works the same way as explained above. By default, you can't summon your Convenient Horses horse in any new worldspaces added by a new lands mod, like Summerset Isle.

The Convenient Horses 'CHRidableWorldList' FormID list contains the following allowed worldspaces:
  • Skyrim
  • Blackreach

The patches adds the following worldspaces from Summerset Isle to that list, so that you can spawn and ride your CH horse on Summerset Isle:
  • Summerset Isle
  • Summerset Artaeum

5. Ambient Sounds Patch

The final big one is the Ambient Sounds Patch. What this patch does is it adds the ambient sounds you would get in the pine forests of Falkreath to the regional map of Summerset Isle where the weather is added, resulting in a more immersive and relaxing environment.
Again, based on how the regions were set up, you will get the same effect in every location. In the sea, a lake, on top of a mountain and in an open field you will always hear birds chirping. In some areas it will be very immersive, in others it won't.
Both options, hearing ambient sounds everywhere or hearing them nowhere instead, are not ideal, but I think it's better than nothing. Of course this patch is optional just like the others, so if you don't want it merged, just ask me to make your ideal merge.


yourenotsupposedtobeinhere - for creating Summerset Isle
moirai - for creating the Individual Patches
jjc71 - for creating Climates of Tamriel
perseid9 - for creating Realistic Needs and Diseases, and CrEaToXx - for updating it to RND 2.0
mitchalek - for creating Convenient Horses
 - for creating Merge Plugins xEdit Script