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Get it for the views, the interactive elements that make you a part of it, or just get it for the feeling you get when you return there ... you just came home to Skyview.

Permissions and credits

Thanks and credit go up top to Xilante for his weatherproofing script resource and to DARKFOX127 for explaining it and expanding on it in another one of his terrific tutorials, to Tueffel for the much appreciated modular crafting tables, and to the ever-giving Blary for the beautiful booksets and his openbook resources.
You're terrific, guys. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and allowing this mod to be developed.

Skyview is a home which features the outside every bit as much as the house itself. With vast panoramic views of the mountains and river and with vantage points inside and out for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets - the house is aptly named.

  • Candles, lanterns, torches, and fires are controlled by you as well as lighting the alchemy burner before using that utility, cords to open and close the curtains in the bedroom area, and two activators at the edge of the table for meal settings.
  • All vanilla crafting stations are on the property along with a privy and stables; you can bathe or swim in the river next to the dock.
  • Living accommodations are designed for two (though two extra sleep mats are available to activate) in a unique two-story home.
  • It's secure. All doors are lockable from the inside and two of the main entry doors have an added security door which you can relock from the outside as you leave.
  • Windows are plentiful and are either of reinforced glass construction or have wooden shutters attached which you can open or close. (Though admittedly that one at the kitchen table does take a bit of maneuvering to get to.)
  • The full length covered porch is the place to be.
  • Nine weapon racks and even a couple of mannequins are available to those who find those things appealing. (I personally don't but just happened to have a spot for them. :) )

No quests, no keys; no hassles - just go get it. If you have a problem with any of that too bad - go jump through hoops for some other house.

Map marked west-northwest of Whiterun by the river.

Beforehand be sure your last save is done indoors.
Install in your usual manner.

Skyrim and the update.
The "Skyview _ Vanilla Weather" version does not have any additional requirements.
The "Skyview _ COT Weather" version requires you to also have "Climates of Tamriel" installed and activated.

Re: weather-proofing
Indeed you won't have rain or snow coming through the roof and yet you'll see it through windows or while out on the porch or in the stable. With that effect come a couple of inherent visual 'quirks': (1) there's usually a small but noticable light change as you walk through the trigger, and (2) the substituted fx rain or snow will always be at a constant level and doesn't fluctuate with the variations from light to heavy that you will encounter outdoors.
That being said this script is a godsend for those wanting to create external homes and maintain any degree of immersion during inclement weather. 'Frostfall' users are most appreciative as well.

*Possible Issue for some computers that can be a bit slow in processing certain scripts (like this one):
The fx rain outside is still visible when you exit the house.
I had the same occasional problem with this weather script functioning 100% of the time because I've got a machine that barely meets game requirements and scripts run slow. I investigated and found this ini 'fix' at The Nexus Forums - entry by steve40. (Save and safely stash your original ini text of course before making any changes to it.) and this TES5 Acceleration Layer plugin for SKSE. I've had no problems at all since installing both, and that's the extent of my personal recommendation. Use either at your own risk.

Companion ready, cleaned with TES5edit, fully tested and friendly to all computers.

Not using an ENB or using one that doesn't affect color? Most exterior cell homes like this one will appear washed out in comparison to their colorful interior cell counterparts - it's the nature of the beast. So may I recommend you download Immersive Saturation Boost by Aplestormy. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes in your enjoyment of this mod without affecting your fps.

Additional thanks to:
The Nexus and staff

If you can use this mod and enjoy it then I will have been glad to have shared it with you. Feedback is certainly welcomed.
Take care.

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