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Imperfect means I always believe there\'s something to improve, and always try my best to make it better.

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Updated on July 27 2013:
Version 13 brings major update, now check the ultimate lighting quality in latest screenshots!

Update on July 15 2013:

Uploaded an video clips compilation based on latest v9. Serves as a video log of how this preset has evolved. Sorry for 480p quality and no editing at all. I already spent too much time on updating the preset, and Windows Movie Maker has killed video quality anyway. These clips mainly show nights and interiors, which I updated most through the 8 versions.

Version 9:
(probably still being uploaded and processed, should be there by 1:10PM UTC +0)

Original Version 1:


An ENB preset that has several self developed post processing features. It aims to be balanced, natural, and intelligent. Overly dramatic/fantastic effects is what I would not add to this preset.

As I started playing with graphic mods, many ENBs either kill my FPS (sorry I should have realized there are many running ENB with weaker machines, I setup this ENB to be running on my GTX660Ti 3GB, you will get huge performance hit if you run a much weaker rig), my eyes, or both. I looked hard for a good looking while still playable ENB, and stayed for a long time with RealVision ENB. But RealVision hasn't been updated for a while, so I end up making my own. If you want exaggerated screenshots, this is not for you. It is for the ones who look for great look and enjoyable game experience.

What's special about this ENB

* This is my personal experiments with ENB post processing, I modified the bloom, exposure, contrast, adaptation etc. in the most natural way I can manage. Things I've done: adaptive exposure, adaptive gamma, adaptive bloom intensity, local contrast enhancement (like USM filter in photoshop).

* Instead of impressive visual effects, my focus is to enhance the image as much as possible but without altering too much.

* The pics I uploaded are taken from some of my test scenes. They cover the brightest and darkest places in the game. I want to make the ENB adapt, so I challenge it with the extreme lighting conditions.

* Above being said, pics really tells very little. Better take a look at my video then decide you like it or not. (Editing with Windows Movie Maker make it lost so much quality especially at night...)

* You may think it feels like RealVision in some way. That's right. RealVision is the ENB that inspired me. It showed how Skyrim can look really HD and realistic with right techniques. I started trying to improve RealVision but I later find I changed too much that they won't fit into any existing ENB preset, so my journey began.

* There are many effects I experimented and deleted, because they look unrealistic in one way or another, or simply because they just don't change the image quality essentially. I'll keep experimenting and find the next big thing to add to this preset (the most recent one is local contrast enhancement).



* ENB Series binary 182 or later:
You should be able to use it with most versions of ENB binary. I personally tried v168, no significant visual difference. Try older ENB version if you want slightly better performance.
* ENB Series Helper Mod:


*Climates of Tamriel 3.1: this ENB is developed based on it. Visual could be different without this mod
*Realistic Lighting Overhaul: this ENB is developed based on it. Visual could be different without this mod

Recommended Graphics Mods

Here's the list of mods I am using


1. Extract all files under "WrapperVersion" folder from ENB Series zip to your game folder.
2. Download my zip file and extract those files to your game folder, overwriting the original ENB files
3. Install ENB Helper Mod
4. Play

Known Issues

(!) Let me know if you find any issue. I only completed all the coding days ago, and can't test all mods/scens in Skyrim.

* Temporal AA is a new feature in latest ENB versions, it makes the game look very smooth. But it generates ghosting images at loading screens. And images may flicker in the first few seconds you login to the game. I am not sure Boris will fix them or not, but I personally just don't care the little drawbacks.
* Adaptation may fail: overly bright/dark, brightness jump etc. in insanely bright scenes. FYI, the original game light intensity is around 0 to 1.2, but some mod/texture made the light intensity jump crazily. I setup the adaptation to handle a range of 0 to 4, but there might be some scenes that are even crazier.


My wife - for all the hours I spent coding and tweaking leaving her alone (doubt she'll ever see this...)
The mighty Boris - The author of ENB Series, also helped me a lot in shader programming and math
Jawz - I started learning shader effects programming from his file
Erik Reinhard, Mike Stark, Peter Shirley, and James Ferwerda - I learned tone mapping math from their paper, and my adaptation is just another variation of the famous Reinhard Tone Mapping
SkyrimTuner - Author of RealVision ENB, the one who inspired me to start this project
Fellow ENB tweakers
And numerous others whose knowledge and work which mine is based on


There's little I can do to prevent anyone doing anything with my presets. But I did put a lot of time doing math with pen and paper, plotting functions with Excel (funny huh), and long hours of tweaking. So I hope you at least mention my name if you use any effect or code in my fx file (or the original authors). As for ini settings, they belong to Boris, check with him :)