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A complete overhaul of Climates of Tamriel with 256 completely new weather systems that try to capture the moodiness of real life weathers.

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What is this weather overhaul?

256 completely new weather systems each with their own unique personality and nuances that try to capture real life weather systems. Dawn and dusk skies may have different shades of orange, blue, or blue grey. Nights may be dark but not always especially with Skyrim's moons that are so bright and big. Rainy weathers may be simply light precipitations where the atmosphere is still bright and sunny, or they can be so severe that you almost don't see anything. Some weathers are bizarre (but not out of place) but they are also rare occurrences.

A work-in-progress weather mod, it uses Climates of Tamriel as its base, and also some clouds from Vivid Weathers, Dramatic Clouds, and Sun and Clouds mod.

You might have to adjust your ENB preset of choice as this is a completely different weather system.

1. Climates of Tamriel must be installed.
2. Drop all of fog textures and meshes from the Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch by prod80 to data folder.
3. Drop all Vivid Weather clouds to data folder: This includes textures/sky and textures/sky/vividweathers
4. Drop all my files to data folder.

Make sure you didn't overwrite any Climates of Tamriel clouds with Vivid Weather clouds.


1. Climates of Tamriel by jjc71 -> everything
2. Vivid Weathers by Mangaclub -> only the clouds from textures/sky AND textures/sky/vividweathers
[Optional] 3. Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch by prod80 -> only the fog textures and meshes.

Thanks for trying the mod out!