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Shadow of The Mountain is more or less a happy accident. A scenic experience for PCs with less than 1gb VRAM.

Permissions and credits
Shadow of The Mountain was made with ENBSeries v0.269.

I use Climates of Tamriel, this ENB may not work as intended without it.

Most ENBs made these days would most likely cause my aging (2009) PC to have a heart attack and melt. So I set out on a journey of tweaks, trial and error, and a lot of "What the heck does this do."

So far, this journey has created a fairly scenic experience without sacrificing too much frame rate. I would like to say this is a work in progress that will improve over time, and it most likely will. Though the improvements will be minor, since my pc cannot handle too many effects simultaneously and run the game at a reasonable rate.

I am attempting to achieve a look that feels like a cool season in Skyrim with warm, smokey interiors and and dark nights.

If anyone has some advice, please share it.

This is also my first upload, please be gentle.


v1.01: Tweaked saturation levels during the day, no longer just the same saturation filter 24/7. Changed lighting at night, might be too dark.

v1.03: Slightly lighter sky, more arctic and less tropical. Changed ambient lighting vs direct lightning, shrubs were much darker than the ground.


v1.04: Changed Gamma vs Contrast, removed the constant brown filter. Recently got to Solstheim and it looked horrendous with the original ´╗┐color filter.

  • Open Shadow of The Mountain and place the files into Skyrim's main directory.
  • Download ENB V0.269 or later.
  • Extract d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the Wrapper folder in the ENBSeries archive and place them in Skyrim's main directory.
  • Edit SkyrimPrefs.ini as per Boris' instructions.
  • Play.


Night Eye (modded and vanilla) effects do not seem to work, it might be an issue with my settings or with the ENB itself. If anyone has an idea please let me know.

  • Bethesda for Skyrim and the TES series.
  • Boris Vorontsov for his ENBSeries.


This ENB is for personal/private use only.