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This mod will expand the snow systems that can occur while using Climates of Tamriel.

Permissions and credits
Expanded Snow Systems: CoT Compatibility Version
Absolutely Requires jjc71's great Climates of Tamriel mod.

For users without climates of tamriel, try this version

This mod currently adds 3 snow types that each have 3 levels of strength, while also keeping the original designs that jjc71 had. In essence this mod purely adds new snow weathers without removing anything from CoT.

*Videos all show the LvL 3 severity of each type, and show the lighting based on the vanilla game. Those Lighting settings were changed to mesh better with the lighting done in CoT.

Type 1: Based on the vanilla snow storm has, has 3 additional levels that increase wind, the amount of falling snow and lowers visibility via fog levels.

Type 2: All new type that adds a more vertically falling snow with low wind influence. Lower fog levels for higher visibility.

Type 3: This type adds very slow, large flake, no wind style snow that falls almost vertically, there is light fog and slightly brighter than the other types.

Regions and types available.
Winterhold: Type 2 and Type 1
Windhelm: All
Mountains: All
Snowy Regions: All
Coast/IceFlows: All
Confirmed Compatibilities:
Wet and Cold
Get Snowy
Supreme Storms- CoT Compatible version
Supreme Fog
Morning Fog

In general if the other mor is compatible with Climates of Tamriel this should work with it as well.
Confirmed Incompatibilities:
Anything Incompatible with CoT will be incompatible with this.

In general if a mod modifies regional weather systems it will conflict in such a way that will be what ever loads last wins situation.
jjc71: CoT is a great mod and to get permission to make this possible.