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This may be the MOD that the adventurers in Skyrim like.Try it, and you won't regret it~

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This ENB is trying to transform your Skyrim into a bright, sunny world.And it's from Chinese ENB master hardyhardy.

=====Installation steps(v1.1)=====

  • You need to install COT(Climates Of Tamriel) before using this ENB.
  • Download ENBseries 0.319.
  • Extract d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the Wrapper folder in the ENBSeries archive and place them in Skyrim's main directory.
  • Extract all files from this mod's archive and place them in Skyrim's main directory.
  • Enjoy your Skyrim.

=====Optional installation(These files are included in the compressed package I uploaded)=====
  • HDT DOF(HDT depth of field, super performance optimization, almost no frame drop).
  • Low configuration ini(If your PC performance is not strong enough, you can choose to use the ini).
  • Several kinds of lensmask.


  • Boris Vorontsov
  • kingeric1992
  • ZeroKing
  • FKPX3118
  • hydrogensayshdt