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Revenant ENB is a brand new ENB aimed at realism and based on RealVision ENB. Revenant is designed specially for Climates of Tamriel V in combination with either ELFX, RLO or Vanilla interior lighting. Revenant targets mid-range to high-end systems with priority on visuals, but you can choose from different performance levels to suite your needs.

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Showcase by Sinitar Gaming (DonProtein) for 308R2.0.2:



RealVision ENB for Climates of Tamriel V

SkyrimTuner's RealVision ENB is not very well optimized for use with the latest version of Climates of Tamriel. In fact, it isn't at all.
This will sometimes result in unintended, different or weird visuals, especially so for the skies.
So after a while, I decided to go with CoT V anyway, and I made an attempt to adjust RealVision instead to make it work better with CoT V.
The first results worked out pretty well and so I continued adjusting RealVision, and since I had noticed a rising demand for RealVision + CoT V, I decided to upload my RealVision based preset to the Nexus as SkyrimTuner retired from modding, with full permissions from him of course
. RealVision ENB for Climates of Tamriel V was then born.


Revenant ENB

Revenant ENB is the successor of my RealVision ENB for Climates of Tamriel V. Revenant ENB is also still based on the original RealVision ENB under the hood, but just much more personalized and, in my eyes, refined than RealVision for Climates of Tamriel V, making it a completely new ENB that deserves a name of its own.
Revenant ENB aims at realism and is designed specially for CoT V in combination 
with either ELFX, RLO or vanilla interior lighting. Revenant ENB targets mid-range to high-end systems with priority on visuals and effects, but people have the option to choose from four different performance presets to suite their needs, so an older or weaker system does not have to be a limiting factor.

As of now, Revenant ENB does not use custom weathers. For this reason, not every weather will look as great as the other, simply because it's impossible to make one single preset work with the hundreds of weathers that a weather mod brings into the game.
However, in the future I will integrate custom weathers because I think I've now reached a limit, and I can't improve much more with only one config file.

One thing that really separates Revenant ENB from the rest, apart from the highly detailed installation guide, is the unique ability to install this ENB using a mod manager of your choice. It comes with unique, revamped installation-, uninstallation- and Skyrim(Prefs).ini scripts that offer you fully automatic installation and configuration of Revenant ENB after installing it in your mod manager.

The installation guide is divided into 4 main Installation Steps, plus updating/reinstalling and uninstallation instructions, which are all indicated with headings and bright green numbers.

If you want to switch to CoT V, or you are simply looking for something new or different than the old but good RealVision, go ahead and give Revenant a try!


ENB is a collection of visual effects created by Boris Vorontsov. It overhauls everything from anti-aliasing and depth of field to lighting and water. It gives Skyrim the eye candy effects it deserves.

Revenant ENB is a finely tuned compilation of ENB effects and post processing. Each setting has been hand tweaked to deliver most realism at the lowest performance cost possible.

Technically, an ENB is compatible with every mod on the Nexus. However, Revenant is designed to look especially good with a particular set of lighting and weather mods. Using any weather or lighting mods beside the ones listed in this guide will result in your game looking weird. All other mods are fine.

ENB is very GPU intensive, and Revenant ENB is designed for mid-range to high-end systems with priority on visuals. It will most likely be the most FPS hungry part of your game. Its impact will be larger or more noticeable on low-end to mid-range systems though, with only a few mods installed. However, this doesn't mean that Revenant can't be used on older systems! This ENB comes with several performance levels to choose from to suite your needs, and you can disable even more effects if better performance is desired.

  • Keep Revenant ENB updated for the latest ENB binaries
  • Make custom weathers (next project, no ETA on that)
  • Make an option for Mangaclub's Vivid Weathers (maybe, no ETA on that)


General Video Tutorials:

How to use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), not recommended:
YouTube Playlist by Gopher

How to use Mod Organizer (MO), highly recommended, even for the beginner:
YouTube Playlist by GamerPoets

Revenant ENB versioning scheme:

Before we begin:
I highly recommend you to start using Mod Organizer (MO) from now on!

As you may notice, as of version 1.3.11 MO is no longer supported (and does not work properly). Instead, go to this page and download "Mod Organizer 1 Legacy" v1.3.15 from the Miscellaneous files section.
To update your old MO installation and stay with MO1, I recommend this procedure: Go to your MO root folder and delete (or move/cut to a backup folder) everything EXCEPT your downloads, mods, overwrite and profiles folders. Then, open the new MO1 Legacy .zip archive you just downloaded and copy/drag ALL of its contents to your MO root folder (where your 4 remaining personal folders are located). You might have to log in again and reconfigure some of the settings when starting MO1 Legacy for the first time.
If you want to update from MO1 to MO2, have a look at this video. Be sure to read MO2's mod page description first to see what is different and to decide whether those changes are important to you or not, because MO2 handles some major features differently compared to MO1. MO1 Legacy still works fine, and some of you might think "don't fix what ain't broken", like I do ^^

Mod Organizer will make your life, and also my life, so much easier! In addition, Mod Organizer is a lot less demanding in terms of rules and requirements in verifying scripts when it comes to installing (FOMOD powered) mods, whereas NMM will not allow any kind of deviation from its standards as it verifies these scripts before using them. NMM will just throw an error at you when it sees something it doesn't like, preventing installation.

Don't be afraid to switch, the process of installing mods is very similar. If you have any questions along the road, I'll help you out personally!

Install all or some of the following mods listed here in their specific order if you want your Skyrim to look like it should! These are all mods to enhance your graphics or visuals, mostly concerning textures. It will make your Skyrim just look a lot better like in my screenshots. You can choose different texture resolutions for many texture mods to maintain desired performance levels.
The mods below represent just a handful of must-have mods from my personal modlist. Personally I'm using around 500 mods, including a lot of texture mods (mainly 2/4K), so my screens will probably always look a bit different for that matter, compared to your game.

>>> Jump to Installation Step 2 if you just want Revenant ENB!
Also, if you want to run Skyrim after every mod/few mods you install to test your game, and run into trouble because of GPU/VRAM problems, you can choose to first install Revenant ENB (thus by going to Installation Step 2 and 3) to install ENBoost (because this and most ENB's come with ENBoost), and then install all the desired mods from Installation Step 1 afterwards.
Another option is to install ENBoost only (without Revenant ENB) as explained here prior to installing the mods from Installation Step 1. You can download the correct binaries using the link provided in Installation Step 3.2, and you can configure ENBoost using Installation Step 3.6 (doesn't have to be perfect yet). When done with Installation Step 1, just proceed with the other steps like you'd do normally and delete the ENBoost files when you get to Installation Step 3 to be safe and avoid conflicts.

>>FPS<< Stands for performance hungry mods!
>>FPS<< Stands for very performance hungry mods!

>>> NMM-users: Always overwrite when prompted (say NO to update and YES to install normally)! If files need to be deleted/hidden, do this manually before installing and overwriting.

>>> MO-users: Always overwrite the previous mod in the order, just like NMM-users. MO-users however can play around with the mods and files after installation by just dragging them around and hiding them when needed.

>>> Always install all (texture) patches after the mod you've downloaded it from, AND after the mod the patch is made for!
E.g., Install the ELFX patch from Vivid Landscapes - Dungeons and Ruins after that mod (the main file), but ALSO after ELFX itself further down in your mod list (when you install that later on).

>>> Apart from patches for ELFX or RLO, you should never let any mod overwrite ELFX or RLO if not stated otherwise on the mod page! These meshes are crucial for these lighting mods to work properly.


Instead of installing every Vivid Landscapes mod separately, you can also try Vivid Landscapes - All in One by Hein84, it includes most of the mods from the Vivid Landscapes series listed above. The All in One (AiO) pack will offer easier installation, but a lot less customizability because it's everything or nothing, and you're bound to one single texture resolution for all the mods in the package. Therefore, I actually do not recommend it! (If you want to use the AiO pack, remember to install all the patches for the mods you use.)

--->>> NOW USE LOOT to sort your Load Order <<<---

>>> The settings FixParallaxBugs and FixParallaxTerrain under [FIX] in enblocal.ini will already be set to true by default after installing Revenant ENB so that the parallax effect actually shows up. If you don't use any object and/or terrain parallax mods, you should disable the setting(s) to avoid artifacts.

Also, if you want to compare textures yourself, download this little handy tool!


2.1 Weather mods

>>> Revenant ENB is optimized for use with a particular set of weather and lighting mods, especially Climates of Tamriel V. Install the following mods in this order:

  • Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio by jjc71 (Install v5.0 using only the Default Experience settings in the installer, and also install the official DLC patches if using any)
  • Vivid Clouds and Fogs - Vanilla and Climates of Tamriel by Mangaclub (This is basically an extended, updated version the Weather Patch, but designed for CoT 5.0 with some great extras! Install all 6 categories of preferred resolution in the first step, and also install the Extended Weathers: Groundfogs + Windyclouds for both Vanilla AND CoT. Optionally, also install the AOS patch if using that mod (if so, DON'T install the CoT 3.1 patch from AOS))
  • True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone by fadingsignal (Install only for Vanilla, NOT for CoT. Set Enable=false in the [RAIN]-section of enbseries.ini (or the in-game ENB GUI) to enable True Storms' own rain textures if you prefer those over ENB rain)

>>> Not exactly required, but still very much recommended:

  • Real Skyrim Snowflakes - (Physical) Vivid Snow by Mangaclub - Hishutup - Kesta (Carefully read the description, especially the installation section! You have to install it using the installer and then run the script in TES5Edit. I don't recommend using Physical Snow yet)

2.2 Lighting mods

Now decide to go on with Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX)
Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO), or neither of these.
These videos from Gopher might help you with your decision: Video 1 Video 2

Option A: Enhanced Lights and FX (Recommended, my personal preference)
Install the latest version of Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus

  • Window 1: Install ELFX Enhancer ELFX - Exteriors ELFX - Enhanced Ice
  • Window 2: Install SMIM Meshes if using SMIM (+ Moonpath and/or "No player home" patches if needed)
  • Window 3: Install No Candle Smoke if you prefer the smoke from Smoking Torches and Candles
  • Optional: Install Enhanced Torches and Fire for ELFX from my Optional Files and load after it

Option B: Realistic Lighting Overhaul (Dungeons can be extremely dark)
Install the latest version of Realistic Lighting Overhaul by The Realistic Lighting Team

  • Window 1: Install all options (except "RLO Effects" if you prefer the smoke from Smoking Torches and Candles, but you'll miss out on some other features)
  • Window 2: Install the CRF and/or IC patch if needed
  • Optional: Install Enhanced Torches and Fire for RLO from my Optional Files and load after it

Option C: Vanilla (New)
Choose this option to use Revenant ENB without any lighting mod (for your personal compatibility or performance reasons). It can also be useful when playing a quest/new lands mod that adds content not covered by lighting mods. This version of Revenant ENB further darkens and enhances the interiors in attempt to somewhat match the ambient lighting levels of Option A and B together with the respective lighting mods. However, this will of course not look as good and realistic compared to using a real lighting mod, and keep in mind that you will also miss out on some of the additional features that these lighting mods come with.

  • Optional: Install Enhanced Torches and Fire for Vanilla Lighting from my Optional Files

--->>> NOW USE LOOT to sort your Load Order <<<---

>>> For "Clothing and Clutter Fixes" users:
I recommend making a rule in LOOT to make EnhancedLightsandFX.esp load after Clothes & Clutter Fixes.esp if that doesn't happen already after you sort your load order for the first time, and then sort again! You can also just manually adjust the order, but rerunning LOOT will revert your changes in this case.

By doing this, you'll prevent Clothing and Clutter Fixes from changing some edits from ELFX back to vanilla.
If you use RLO and Clothing and Clutter Fixes loads after it, perform the same principle for
RLO - Interiors.esp.


3.1 If you haven't already, download and install the "DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)" from the Miscellaneous Files. It's required for ENB to work!

3.2 Download ENBSeries v0.319 (enbseries_skyrim_v0319 (2017-11-18).zip) by clicking here and put it somewhere convenient.

3.3 Extract the archive, open it and copy d3d9.dll AND enbhost.exe from the WrapperVersion folder to your Skyrim rootfolder ...\Skyrim (i.e. where "TESV.exe" is located), or just open the archive and drag the 2 files over to there.

3.4 Download Revenant ENB from the Main Files section using your preferred mod manager and install the options of your choice in the offered FOMOD installer, carefully reading the description of each option. Installation Step 3.5 below is about the last step (step 8) in the FOMOD installer.

>>> In the table below, you can see which effects are enabled and disabled in each performance level, and also the quality of the effects. Revenant ENB utilizes all existing ENB effects, and therefore the effects not listed in the table below will always be enabled by default.

3.5 After installing AND activating Revenant ENB in your mod manager, one more step needs to be done to finish the installation. Installation instructions for this step are included in the last step (step 8) of the FOMOD installer, but here they are as well for your convenience.

>>> I highly recommend going with the Automatic installation. Even if you choose this option, you can still decide to completely manually install Revenant ENB, or only skip the automatic ENBoost configuration.

>>> If you get a Windows Script Host error saying "Error: Permission denied" with "Code: 800A0046" for "Line: 501" and "Char: 2" when using the Revenant ENB Installer, just click on "OK" and try again, you can safely overwrite. This usually happens when you run the installer for the first time. Windows has a tendency to be rather picky about copying/moving/modifying/creating files, especially on the system drive.

Automatic installation using the Revenant ENB Installer (recommended):
For NMM/Wrye Bash-users:
  • Go to ...\Skyrim\Data\Revenant ENB Files, start Revenant ENB - Installer.vbe and follow the instructions.

For MO-users:
  • Go to ...\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\Revenant ENB\Revenant ENB Files, start Revenant ENB - Installer.vbe and follow the instructions.

Manual installation:
For NMM/Wrye Bash-users:
  • Copy all blue highlighted files (as seen in this image) from ...\Skyrim\Data\Revenant ENB Files to ...\Skyrim.

For MO-users:
  • Copy all blue highlighted files (as seen in this image) from ...\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\Revenant ENB\Revenant ENB Files to ...\Skyrim.

Note: if there are less files in your "Revenant ENB Files" folder than shown in the image, you probably disabled the Sunsprite Shader and/or DoF in the FOMOD installer. No worries, just copy everything except the files that are NOT blue highlighted in the image.


* VERY IMPORTANT: Installation Steps 3.6 and 3.7 are about correctly configuring your GPU- and .ini-settings for Revenant ENB!

3.6 Settings for enblocal.ini

>>> Automatic installation: If you have performed an automatic installation using the "Revenant ENB Installer" (Revenant ENB - Installer.vbe) AND you let the installer's "ENBoost Configurator" adjust your enblocal.ini, then the installer automatically adjusted the settings in the spoiler below for you.
It is however recommended to go through them anyway to get a basic understanding of what these settings do, using the annotations in grey.

>>> Manual installation: If you have performed a Manual installation, or if you skipped the automatic ENBoost configuration, you will have to adjust some settings yourself manually, no matter what. Follow the instructions in the spoiler below:


Also, be sure to check out this page on STEP for more detailed info about memory settings and how to configure them correctly.
I suggest not to use Boris Vorontsov's VRamSizeTest tool to calculate your "VideoMemorySizeMb" value as it frequently gives different values. Use your [Total Available Graphics Memory] instead.


3.7 This ENB comes with its own AA (anti-aliasing) methods, which are Edge anti-aliasing (EdgeAA), Sub-Pixel anti-aliasing (SubPixelAA) and Anisotropic Filtering (MaxAnisotropy). Therefore, any AA methods provided by Skyrim and your GPU (graphics card) need to be disabled or application controlled to avoid conflicts. Also some other settings need to be adjusted for ENB to work properly.

3.7.1 Skyrim settings

>>> If you want to use the "INI Configurator" supplied by Revenant ENB (Revenant ENB - INI Configurator.vbe, also located in your "Revenant ENB Files" folder) to automatically configure your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini settings (recommended), you can skip this step. The "INI Configurator" will also automatically make a backup of your .ini files.

>>> Otherwise, follow the instructions in the spoiler below:


3.7.2 GPU settings

Open up your GPU's Control Panel/Driver Settings and set Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering to "Application-controlled" (NVIDIA) / "Use application settings" (AMD). NVIDIA users also set FXAA and Ambient Occlusion to "Off".

The settings from above are the most important ones, but NVIDIA users should take a look here, here and here to see the the full list of required driver settings for best compatibility and optimization. AMD users will probably have less but similar settings, and should also definitely take a look to compare.
(If you prefer driver forced Ambient Occlusion, you are free to enable it in your GPU Control Panel, but don't forget to set EnableAmbientOcclusion=false in enbseries.ini located in your Skyrim rootfolder to disable ENB's Ambient Occlusion.)

If you don't want all these settings set like this for every other game, it could come in handy to make a profile in your GPU Control Panel for the executable only (being TESV.exe/ModOrganizer.exe/skse_loader.exe etc.).


3.8 Take a look at my Optional/Miscellaneous Files and choose your desired patches, plugins and other files!

3.9 Start your game using SKSE (or TESV.exe), but it's not recommended to use the Skyrim Launcher anymore, except when you set your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini to read-only! Besides, you should be running your game with SKSE anyway if you are using/going to use the Skyrim SKSE Memory Patch from Installation Step 4.1 below, which I strongly recommend!!!

3.10 Have fun!




>>> Even if you have performed a Manual installation, I highly recommend that you use the "Revenant ENB Uninstaller" (Revenant ENB - Uninstaller.vbe) to uninstall Revenant ENB before reinstalling. Manually uninstalling an ENB can be very tricky as you might forget a file or even delete another file you shouldn't delete, which can lead to problems later on.

>>> Have you made some significant changes to your enblocal.ini and/or enbseries.ini files after the installation? No worries! The uninstaller will offer you to make a backup of these files. This way, you can easily copy your changes back to new .ini files or replace those files entirely after you have reinstalled Revenant ENB!

>>> You can also choose to update by reinstalling Revenant ENB directly (either automatic or manually) by overwriting your current installation, ignoring the steps below. If no special notes are given about updating to a newer version, this is generally safe to do, but a clean uninstallation prior to reinstalling will always be the safest method. Otherwise, just follow the steps below (clean uninstallation and installation).
In case you are only reinstalling the same version (and not updating), it is generally safe to overwrite your current installation as well. But again, just following the steps below will always be the safest way of doing it.

For NMM/Wrye Bash-users:
  • Go to ...\Skyrim\Data\Revenant ENB Files, start Revenant ENB - Uninstaller.vbe and follow the instructions.

For MO-users:
  • Go to ...\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\Revenant ENB\Revenant ENB Files, start Revenant ENB - Uninstaller.vbe and follow the instructions.

5.2 (Optional)
If not updating, go to the next step (unless you deleted your download and you want to change what you picked in the FOMOD).
Deactivate (and delete) Revenant ENB in your mod manager. You can also choose not to do this and just overwrite/replace the current version with the new one when you download and install that in your mod manager in the next step.

5.3 Perform Installation Steps 3.4 (if updating), 3.5, and 3.6 (if necessary, mainly for manual installation).


 Even if you have performed a Manual installation, I highly recommend that you use the "Revenant ENB Uninstaller" (Revenant ENB - Uninstaller.vbe) to uninstall Revenant ENB. Manually uninstalling an ENB can be very tricky as you might forget a file or even delete another file you shouldn't delete, which can lead to problems later on.

>>> Have you made some significant changes to your enblocal.ini and/or enbseries.ini files after the installation? No worries! The uninstaller will offer you to make a backup of these files. This way, you can easily copy your changes back to new .ini files or replace those files entirely in case you'd reinstall Revenant ENB (or any other ENB for that matter)!

For NMM/Wrye Bash-users:
  • Go to ...\Skyrim\Data\Revenant ENB Files, start Revenant ENB - Uninstaller.vbe and follow the instructions.

For MO-users:
  • Go to ...\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\Revenant ENB\Revenant ENB Files, start Revenant ENB - Uninstaller.vbe and follow the instructions.

For NMM/Wyre Bash-users:
  • Go to ...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

For MO-users:
  • Go to ...Skyrim\Mod Organizer\profiles\~your profile name~

Restore your backup of Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. Alternatively, delete your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini files so that they will be recreated and reverted back to Vanilla the next time you start Skyrim.
You don't necessarily need to do this if you like the .ini tweaks suggested by Revenant ENB or if you have large custom .ini files like me. However, if you adjusted your Vanilla .ini files solely for Revenant ENB then you can safely delete and revert them if you want.

6.3 Deactivate (and delete) Revenant ENB in your Mod Manager.



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SkyrimTuner, for his original RealVision ENB, description page and scripts, and his screenshots and videos
Gopher and GamerPoets on YouTube, for their invaluable NMM and MO video tutorials
prod80, for making the Realistic Sun for Climates of Tamriel and Vanilla
JJC71, for making Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio
The Realistic Lighting Team, for their Realistic Lighting Overhaul
ewi65, for making tuned Bokeh DoF and NOVA Sun for ENB
All the mod creators of the used and suggested mods
Kyokushinoyama, for making the Sunsprite Shader
anamorfus, for making Enhanced Lights and FX
bronze316, for his Depth of Field Pack
Bethesda, for making TESV: Skyrim
Boris Vorontsov, for making ENB
The STEP Project Wiki Page
All Revenant Users
The Nexus