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or how Skyrim was meant to be played.

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Greetings adventurers!

Do you care about immersion in first person adventure games ?
Do you care about spacing depth and realism in computer graphics ?
Do you care about feeling so immersed that you can feel the air of those emotional, moody feeling, thought provoking landscapes ? (Credits goes mostly to JJC71 and Isoku for this one)

So it's time to experience a deeper presence in first person stereo3D view, it is time play Skyrim again!

If you really care about how much you can feel involved and embody your character as you experience those fantastic adventures,
so this mod is for you Dovakhin ! Be warned that it will be tedious process of installation and configuration tweaking but really worth it in the end. Go ahead to discover the true dimension of Skyrim !

This package is a long cooked graphics enhancement for 3D vision users designed for involved gamers whose enjoy First person view with visible body and self shadow casting. This high-end realistic image includes up to date new features of ENB, COT and much more immersive compiled stuff:

  • Stunning realism achieved with fine tuned SSAO/IL added to carefully balanced HDR and subtle eye adaptation with day/night separation
  • All 3Dvision's fixes to date (refractions, sky, clouds, stars, auroras, moons and non deferred shadows)
  • Realistic Reflections on glass, vitrified pottery and metallic materials
  • Realistic rain with refraction-like effect on falling droplets
  • more realistic lightnings of night time with more shadow casting (including torches). Experience nights and interiors with more presence !
  • Incredibly refreshing your installed texture's art work. Yes, many contemplative moments ahead! ;)
  • main bridges will cast shadows on the water. (I need permission from anamorfus for sharing this one)

Now 4 years of playing Skyrim, tweaking, fine tuning and mixing different ENB's presets along with RLwC and COT, Real clouds and a bunch of immersive mods (ImmersiveFPV, 26 moon size, glass and ice refraction texture, wet and cold, realistic ragdoll and force...) trying to make all theses tweaks working as a single symphony to enhance my game experience.
All my efforts are focusing in one point: get as close as possible to a realistic natural vision in Skyrim and perception of its environment in stereo 3D with no glitch. Still some work to do to achieve the best believable 3D looking graphics with the constraints to stay as close as possible to vanilla design.

This attempt is called the Natural Realizm ENB 3D project... and it is beta state right now.

Known issues:

  • over bright gloomy snow and sky in some specific weathers. Some Imagespaces have to be refined.
  • some over bright cloudy skies
  • Flickering of SSAO on grass
  • Sun's glow at screen depth

Note about current limitations:

As for shadow compatibility with 3D vision, Deferred shadows have to be disabled in SkyrimPref ini file: BDeferredShadows=0
This actually comes with some side effects:

at Vanilla side:
  • No shadows on the grass

at ENB side:
  • no dawn and dusk separation. Only day/night is working with incorrect Int/Ext routing.
  • No cloud shadows
  • No Procedural sun
  • No volumetric rays
  • Partially processing SkyLighting
  • Non working mist parameters

I would like this mod to be a collaborative project so feel free to contact me if you can help to improve things somehow.
Let's unleash skyrim with a nextGen GFX boost to get it on the road to V.R. !


Files needed:

I also highly recommend :

Install sequence (instructions with some file editing needed):

  1. Install the mods above
  2. .
  3. Install ENB files and then rename your "d3d9.dll" to "d3d9ENB.dll" in your skyrim root folder
  4. .
  5. Install Helix mod all-in-one fix
  6. .
  7. Install Natural Realizm 3D ENB: drop my files in your skyrim's root folder (ovewrite everything if prompted)
  8. .
  9. Find and remove the unecessary shadow's pixel / vertex shaders in shaderoverride folder (instructions file included in there)
  10. PIXEL shader 0DD4E031,54548D09,F25ADF18 and VERTEX shaders 75FF0339, A5BAF6E3, BB1D5EF5 are not working since game patch 1.6 so are useless now. Delete them.
  11. Edit skyrimPrefs.ini file in your user's document folder:

  12. [Display]

    I also recommend to set the FOV in there like this:

    fdefaultfov=57 (This value will fit perfectly for 3D projector displays scale. Change accordingly to your display's scale for best 3D scale fit)

    ...and also in Skyrim.ini file accordingly:


  13. edit Dx9settings.ini like this :
  14. [General]
    ProxyLib="your drive's letter here":\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\d3d9ENB.dll

    >>>Make sure path matches your Skyrim install directory!<<<
  15. Verify your installed files are matching this load order :
  16. ...

    Better Dynamic Snow
    dynamic fires
    Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin


    Realistic Lighting
    Realistic Lighting - Addon
    Realistic Lighting Patcher
    alvor's house dynamic
    Torch of Everlasting v5 - Warm Edition (2x Radius - 2x Brightness - Shadows)
    Dead Body Collision
    dB - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic
    masser Size x0.5
    seconda Size x0.7
    Real Clouds

  17. Make sure to disable Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering in your graphics card's Control Panel and game's option settings
  18. .
  19. Enable advanced in-game 3D vision settings from your Nvidia control panel.
  20. .
  21. Launch game and tweak your 3D stereoscopic settings while in game. I recommend low depth value(around 14%) with high convergence value (around 80%) so things will pop out towards you with the right scale.

Then you're done. Congratulations for your efforts. It's time to get rewarded for that hard time. It is time to PLAY Skyrim again. Prepare yourself for jump scares and thrills now...
you'll have to be brave as you really enter this new immersive-close to VR Skyrim experience !


Bethesda for vanilla Skyrim game art
Helix for 3Dvision Shaders fixing
Chizow for his 3Dvision Sky mesh fix
Boris Vorontsov for ENB series core programming
Indigoneko (MTichenor), Opethfeldt and many other great ENB tweakers for inspiration
Rudy102 for his wonderfull ENB preset I've used as a starting point
JawZ for ENB Fx file customisation and documentation
Mindflux for his awsome work on fixing wrong material's properties
Plutoman101 and Sydney666 For Realistic Lighting with customisation
JJC71 for his gorgeous Climates of Tamriel
Isoku for his very immersive Wet and Cold mod, water enhancement mod
Soolie for his stunning real cloud mod
Gopher for immersive HUD - iHUD
Meh321 for his essenial Immersive First Person View mod
SparrowPrince for his incredible mods contributions
Nexus for maintaining this community hub

Greetings to you all talented people !