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A simple framework that allows mod authors to safely use the base game's random encounter story manager.

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    It's been seven years since the game came out, and we're still running the original hundred or so random encounters in nearly every mod loadout. Why? Because the game's random encounter system isn't really compatible with modding. Sure, a few people have implemented their own themed random encounter setups, usually by sidestepping the system entirely. But that's big, it's complicated, and it's a hassle. It doesn't need to be.


  • Reorganizes the random encounter trees within the game's Story Manager so that they're properly compatible with modding.
  • As a result of the above, moderately reduced how common the Nuka World and Automatron random encounters are in the commonwealth.


    How do I start using this mod?
      If you're using a mod that has this as a requirement, just install it! No configuration or special steps necessary. If you want to use this to create your own random encounters, see the articles tab and check the optional files for an example plugin.
    Is this compatible with Random Encounter Manager by SKK?
      Yes. This mod adjusts and cleans up the base game random encounters, which you will continue to see alongside SKK's additions so long as you have "Base game RE spawns" enabled in Random Encounter Manager's settings.
    Where can I get mods that use this?
      For the moment, you can check out the patch hub I maintain for this mod. Beyond that, if a mod requires this framework the author will likely tell people.
    I don't use anything that requires this mod, why should I bother with it?
      A side effect of how this mod works is that the random encounters added by Automatron are no longer as irritatingly common as they were previously. Also, if you install the example plugin you can occasionally find a vault-tec lunchbox with a special surprise.