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Adds a proper progression to the Minutemen via patrols between your settlements. Defend the commonwealth against raiders and monsters alike, with the help of the minutemen!

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    You And What Army has been officially discontinued. I've rebuilt this mod several times while attempting to make it resolve a problem that, frankly, it was ill suited to address. I made You And What Army 2 in order to address the same problem in a way that I'm much happier with, and that I can build off of and extend over time. As such, I'm updating this mod's current version to FINAL and ceasing any further support and updates for the mod.

    You can still use this mod if you want. I'm fully aware it has a lot of fans and as such I decided to leave the mod page and files exactly as they are. Some of you may enjoy the new mod more, others may prefer this one. That choice is up to you to make.

    I've preserved the original description below:

    Have you ever felt like the minutemen were a bit lacking? Perhaps the settlement system feels tedious, extra, or simply lacks real progression for you. Maybe even wondered why the minutemen seem less relevant the more you play? This mod aims to fix that, using your settlements as a base to expand the minutemen and improve their ability to help the commonwealth. No longer will you be the only person working to help the people. No longer will everything be entirely on the shoulders of the general.

    Now, you have an army.


  • Adds minuteman patrols between settlements you control. These patrols follow the same path as provisioners.
  • Minuteman patrols automatically fight back against enemies who attack them.
  • Choose from four, three, two, or one-person patrols.
  • Integrates into the Nuka World and Automatron questlines.
  • Can be configured via MCM, but does not require it.
  • Compatible with all minutemen overhauls, but does not necessarily use their upgrades.
  • Flagged as a light plugin (esl-flagged esp) for minimal impact on load order.


    How do I start using this mod?
      The mod is active as soon as you install it, but no patrols will happen until you've completed the quest The First Step.
    How do I get patrols?
      Pick up some settlements! Because this mod can add so many NPCs, settlements will only get patrols if they have some food, water, or defense. (Or you change the settings in MCM!) So long as at least one of these values isn't zero, you're good!
    What happens if I accidentally kill one?
      Don't worry! If you accidentally kill a patroller, they automatically respawn.
    What do I do if I don't want so many patrols?
      If you already have a lot of settlements that will make patrols, but don't want so many people, double-check your settings to make sure you don't have any region set to send patrols too far, or to send them with too few resources.
    Why don't I see any patrols yet?
      There are several reasons that can be the case. You might not have enough settlements to have a good chance of running into them. Maybe the settlements aren't producing anything. Maybe you aren't the general of the minutemen yet. It can also take a while for this mod to 'catch up' with an existing save, so give it time.
    Why are my patrols attacking me?
      You've gone turncoat and started helping raiders target the commonwealth. If you want things to go back as they were, you're going to have to clean up your act and 'handle' the raiders you were helping. Otherwise, you can take out the patrols yourself. But to get them to stop showing up, you need to capture or empty out the pesky settlements that keep supplying patrols.
    What if I want patrols from a different faction?
      I have no plans to add other factions to this mod, but rylasasin has taken it upon himself to create faction variants, which can be found here.