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What an interesting location. I think I'd like to build here. And now you can too.

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    You've wandered into a neat little location, someplace that stands out from the commonwealth at large. But it doesn't show up on your map, and it certainly isn't someplace you can build. Now, however, it is a fully functional settlement ready and waiting for you.


  • A fully functional settlement at an unmarked lighthouse located south of the FMS Northern Star.
  • A new map marker for the new settlement.
  • This settlement is compatible with radiant quests, such as the minutemen quests.
  • Precombines have been rebuilt to allow more scrapping.
  • Some objects have been grouped for sane scrapping. Nobody wants to build a scaffold just to scrap a dozen vine objects, do they?
  • Marked as a light plugin (esl-flagged esp) for minimal impact on load orders.


    How do I start using this mod?
      Just install it! No configuration or special steps necessary.
    Does this work with Sim Settlements 2?
      It does! However, it doesn't have a city plan, which means designing the city and its layout is up to you. If you like the location enough to make your own city plan, feel free to post it online.
    Does this conflict with other mods?
      I have a pinned comment in the comment section with more information on that.