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Dramatically limits player exposure to Minutemen radiant quests, without disabling or deleting them and without breaking other parts of the game.

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    Ever wondered why settlements were so needy? Considered just ignoring a quest when Preston sends you all the way across The Commonwealth? Maybe been a bit curious on how Somerville Place got a message all the way to The Castle in a timely manner? Wonder no more! Now Minutemen radiant quests will be extremely localized to where you are currently playing!


  • Minutemen radiant quests can only be triggered by visiting (or going near to) the source settlement.
  • Location-specific quests such as "Out of the Fire," "Returning the Favor," and "Troubled Waters" have been left unmodified.
  • "Defend the Artillery at [LOCATION]" has been modified to have a cooldown of at least a week, because it cannot be limited like other radiant quests.
  • An optional file is available which will disable radiant quests for owned settlements.
  • Flagged as a light plugin (esl-flagged esp) for minimal impact on load order.


    How do I start using this mod?
      Just install it! No configuration or special steps necessary.
    There are already mods that do this, why should I download yours?
      Use whichever one you like, actually. This mod is designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, but that isn't necessarily what everyone prefers. That said, be aware that mods which completely disable minutemen radiant quests can prevent you from peacefully acquiring some settlements, and may have other issues associated with them.