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People live here, why does it feel abandoned?

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    You've just found a raider's home. They clearly live here. In fact, they've been here long enough to fortify the place and set up a watch from the roof. So why does it feel like they just walked away halfway and abandoned the whole thing?


  • More stuff at Roadside Pines Motel.
  • No, really. That's it. Several previously inaccessible rooms actually exist now, the office has been moved to give access, and the motel as a whole has seen more detail work to make it feel lived in.
  • Precombines have been rebuilt to improve performance.
  • Marked as a light plugin (esl-flagged esp) for minimal impact on load orders.


    How do I start using this mod?
      Just install it! No configuration or special steps necessary.

    Does this conflict with other mods?
      I have a pinned comment in the comment section with more information on that.

    That's a lot of loot. Would you make a version that has less?
      No, I won't. While I don't feel it's worth getting into a debate on what immersion is or how different people see different things as immersive, I will say that at the end of the day I make mods I want to play. I've intentionally left the permissions for this mod wide open - anyone is free to reduce the volume of loot I've added to the location, replace the loot with static and movable static lookalikes, or do just about anything else they please with the mod. If you ask around on one of the big modding discords or the mod request forums, you may find someone willing and able to do it.