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Tired of your NPCs walking around the entire settlement? Trying to figure out why a simple staircase is such a conundrum? Are your plans for Jamaica Plain being modified just to keep your settlers inside the settlement? This is the mod for you! No longer will a pair of simple concrete staircases look like an impassible barrier!

Permissions and credits
    Ever found yourself building at Jamaica Plain, only to realize the settlers weren't the sharpest tools in the shed? Trying to walk through benches, running around the settlement rather than through it, and generally just not really understanding where they could walk? Turns out Jamaica Plain needed some real work.


  • Fixes a navmeshing gap that causes NPCs to ignore part of the settlement.
  • Rebuilds much of the settlement's navmeshing from scratch to support better pathfinding.
  • Adds preferred pathing to help guide NPCs through the settlement rather than around it.
  • Adds navmeshing to several spots where it was missing.
  • Adds precuts for several scrappable objects that were previously missing them.
  • Flagged as a light plugin (esl-flagged esp or esl-flagged esm) for minimal impact on load order.


    How do I start using this mod?
      Just install it! No configuration or special steps necessary.
    Should I use the ESM or ESP version?
      Probably the ESP version. There are a few mods that will conflict with it, but those are mostly in the domain of mods that change precombines such as PRP and Spring Cleaning. If you have a mod like Spring Cleaning that can't be loaded after an ESP, use the ESM version of this mod instead.
    Doesn't the unofficial patch already do this?
      The unofficial patch only fixes the gap at the bottom of the stairs and adds a precut for one scrappable object. This mod is a total rebuild of the settlement's navmeshing, from scratch. The team is welcome to include all or part of this mod if they like, but they've indicated that this kind of change is more than they want in the patch.
    Will you do this for mods that expand the Jamaica Plain settlement?
      No. Rebuilding navmeshes from scratch like this is far more work than I'm willing to put in just to patch a mod I would never use. However, anyone is free to use this mod as a starting point if they want to try their hand at it.
    I have a mod that edits Jamaica Plain, can I use this navmesh?
      Sure! If you do, I'd love it if you let me know so that I can tell people when this mod would be redundant.