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Tired of your NPCs walking around the entire settlement? Trying to figure out why a simple staircase is such a conundrum? Are your plans for Jamaica Plain being modified just to keep your settlers inside the settlement? This is the mod for you! No longer will a pair of simple concrete staircases look like an impassible barrier!

Permissions and credits
    This mod makes some changes to the Jamaica Plain navmeshes, so that settlers will pathfind through it rather than around it. The issue with Jamaica Plain's pathfinding is twofold. First, the settlement is surrounded by preferred paths, meaning that NPCs see the roads around it as a primary route to get anywhere nearby, including to the other side of the settlement. This is addressed by adding a loop of preferred navmesh that goes through the house and both staircases, and connects to several of the "obvious" entrances. Second, the navmesh at the bottom of one staircase is missing a piece, making it even less desirable than generic terrain for NPCs. That piece is filled in and marked as preferred.


  • Fixes a navmeshing gap that causes NPCs to ignore part of the settlement.
  • Adds preferred pathing to help guide NPCs through the settlement rather than around it.
  • Adds a navmesh to a small roof that was missing one.


    Should I use the ESM or ESL version?
      Probably the ESL version. There are a few mods that will conflict with it, but those are mostly in the domain of mods that change precombines such as PRP and Spring Cleaning. If you have a mod like Spring Cleaning that can't be loaded after an ESL, use the ESM version of this mod instead.

    Doesn't the unofficial patch already do this?
      I submitted the changes in this mod to the unofficial patch, and they accepted the navmeshing gap that affects the stairs. They rejected the preferred pathing changes entirely, and to the best of my knowledge this is the only mod that navmeshes the roof above the porch.