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A mod for players who dislike being asked to report back to Preston Garvey.

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    Preston has no sense of decorum. We all know this. You walk up to him and bam! New quest. You go to sleep in Sanctuary, wake up and there he is, looming over your bed with a quest in hand. Turn in a quest? New quest for you! Sneeze? Quest! Well, not any more. This mod not only convinces Preston to wait a bit, it also teaches him to respect the chain of command. That's right, you don't even have to tell him what you've done anymore.


  • Most Minutemen quests have been moved to Preston's "How are you doing?" dialogue option.
  • Preston Garvey no longer gives you a new quest as part of turning in an old quest.
  • As General of the Minutemen, you no longer report back to Preston at the end of most quests.


    How do I start using this mod?
      Just install it! No configuration or special steps necessary.

    There are already mods that do this, why should I download yours?
      Use whichever one you like, actually. This mod is designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, but that isn't necessarily what everyone prefers. That said, this is the only mod I'm aware of that removes the "Report back to Preston Garvey" end step for most Minutemen quests, so if that's a feature you like, use this one.