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and no, this is not a car mod...

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AE-86 Seiryuu Beam Katana ported from Fallout: NV made by AlphaDragoon 

You can purchase all the weapons from Daisy in Goodneighbor or console command "help katana 0" , "help seiryuu 4" anything along those lines. 

All katanas deal bonus energy damage and on-hit electrical effect. It had its own custom swing sound effect.

This was meant for Hard difficulty or above, you might or might not find this weapons OP with normal difficulty or below. I used this on a lv 240 character with every perk unlock, can't really tell... 


Since this is a port mod, there are no real modifications for the weapons, only from the existed vanilla one. I gave the weapons a high base damage + energy damage, so you don't need a modification for it, but you still can if you want to. 

(Normal Version)  2H Katanas base damage = 65                                       (Lower Damage Version)  2H Katanas base damage = 50

                                1H Katanas base damage = 45                                                                                     1H Katanas base damage = 30

Also available for Skyrim

Thank to Crymtastic and wardaddy755 for the review and also Chaos_Hellfire, theDeluxeSam


AE-86 Seiryuu Beam Katana by AlphaDragoon