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Ranging in sizes from slightly larger than an ordinary Daedroth to sizes that are only surpassed by a Daedric Titan or similar abomination, these Daedroth Titans with far superior physical power and magical potency were rewarded with their new mighty forms for their effectiveness and loyalty in service to their Daedric Princes.

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  • This mod is the standalone version of my Daedroth Titan creatures, originally released in my Daedroths mod (LE / SE-AE). If you have the mentioned mod installed, you already have Daedroth Titans in your game and you don't need to download this mod which only adds the mentioned creature and no other creatures contained in the original mod;
  • Obviously you should not use this mod together with the Daedroths mod mentioned above, since the latter already adds Daedroth Titans to your game, and using them at the same time will double the amount of the mentioned daedra in your game, in addition to other possible problems;

  • If you use, like and value my work, please consider giving an endorsement. I've worked hard for years to offer you the best of me for free, and the only thing I ask in return is this gesture, which increases my relevance and engagement on Nexus, and motivates me to continue;
  • I do not inspect or have any influence over translations of my mods (including those linked directly on my pages), nor do I have any power over patches or add-ons made to my content. So, before using any unofficial add-ons for my mods, make sure they conform to the latest version of my official release, and never use these if they don't. The same applies to Xbox ports;
  • In addition to the Nexus, you can also find me on:
  • Do you have any doubt? Read my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

"Daedroths are large bipedal daedra of crocodilian appearance and remarkable ferocity, who display considerable intelligence despite their bestial aspect. Mainly found in the service of Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon, these daedra can manifest in different shapes and sizes according to their status, but always as formidable foes.

With a body heavily protected by thick scaly plates, what stands out most about their bulky bodies are their long claws and large mouths full of sharp teeth. Daedroths, however, do not tend to use their powerful bite very often, out of pride in their own status as intelligent daedra, and seeking to be seen and accepted by other higher clans as their equals rather than animalized beasts. In combat, they often make use of their sharp claws, as well as spit fire from their mouths.

Initially all Daedroths were similar in appearance, larger than an Altmer, and much more muscular, with spikes covering their heads, backs, and tails, with their color varying according to the plane of Oblivion they inhabited. They were able to breathe fireballs in combat and their claws held a weak venom, believed to be from living in nefarious swamps. Some with more important functions wore armor, being generals of battalions of other daedras. Even though it is a common variant to this day, however, this family has branched out due to the events of Planemeld.

Molag employed several of his most trusted Daedroths as high-ranking leaders of contingents of creatures of Oblivion, and aimed to protect the Dark Anchors with them, essential in the process of the Prince of Coldharbour's invasion and kidnapping of Nirn. Among them were Molag's favorite Daedroths, Menta Na and Hrelvesuu, and both failed in their quests, along with so many others, and were punished by Molag himself, to become what would come to be known as the Lesser Daedroths."

"In return, those who were most successful were also transformed, but into a superior and even more terrifying form known as the Daedroth Titans. Ranging in sizes from slightly larger than an ordinary Daedroth to sizes that are only surpassed by a Daedric Titan or similar abomination, these Daedroths, rewarded for their success and allegiance to Molag Bal, have a more bestialized appearance, and far greater destructive magical potency, being able to produce breaths of fire that surpass even some dragons, in addition to being protected by thick heavy armor plates in the style forged by the Dremora Clan.

Dagon, not surprisingly, copied the punishment and reward model for his own Daedroths, as he had done with the Daedric Titans previously, having especially employed the Daedroth Titans in the invasion of Nirn during the Oblivion Crisis."

by Beastmaster Mihail *
(*Who is Beastmaster Mihail? He is my avatar/persona within the universe composed of all my mods. He is the ingame author who writes the texts that are usually presented as descriptions for my mods. A former monster hunter, now a dedicated scholar, he is planned to be released as an NPC in late 2022/early 2023, doing the same job in-game as my descriptions do on Nexus.)

Technical info: Spell Tomes to summon Daedroth Titans can be purchased randomly from Falion, Phinis Gestor and Neloth, or found randomly throughout the world in mage lairs or similar places
(SPOILER: spelltomes can be found on Labyrinthian, Sunderstone Gorge, Fellglow Keep, Volkihar Castle Ruins and Saarthal).

- 3 new creatures: (Deadlands) Daedroth Titan, (Coldharbour) Daedroth Titan, (Coldharbour) Revered Daedroth Titan;

- 2 new spells to conjure the mentioned Daedroth Titans (minus the Coldharbour Daedroth Titan);

- 1 new ingredients: Daedroth Titan Teeth;

The value of Sigil Stones (dropped sometimes by Daedroth Titans) has gone from "0" to "2000". It was
always absurd that they have no value at all in the vanilla game, so this change corrects a major loric issue.

So far no incompatibilities have been found between this mod and other mods.
(OBS- If by chance when installing several of Mihail's mods at the same time you are asked about files overwriting those of other Mihail mods or other authors mods, don't worry because they are just the same files shared between mods. I recommend that on these occasions always give preference to the files contained in my mods, and among mine always give preference to the mod you are installing last.)

The Mihail Monsters and Animals series aims to create and make available to the community the most complete set of creatures for TES 5: Skyrim, implemented in an immersive and unique way, with respect to the pillars of lore. Instead of pathetically just throwing models and textures in the game reusing 100% vanilla mechanics, the creatures made by Mihail have uniqueness and extreme zeal in their idealization and implementation, which will provide you with an experience that you have never had before in this area.


Mihail- Daedroths models, textures, sounds, spells, effects, loot, animations, game implementation;

Some assets used on this mod belong to:

cALAMIN- for the hd cubemap used on the armors.

Update on Deadlands development: unfortunately I will be postponing the release of the Project Deadlands first open alpha test to late January 2023. It was initially planned for late September 2022, and later postponed to mid-October of the same year, but circumstances have been delaying me, so instead of delaying it again by another month when October ends, and then by one more at the end of November, I prefer to put a more realistic date already. Unfortunately I have been facing personal, financial and mainly family problems (which end up becoming financial too) that prevent me from being able to dedicate full time to the project at this moment, so I will focus on these remaining 3 months of the year on faster and smaller jobs, so I will continue to be active, and I will not stop producing content, and then on January 1st, with everything more stabilized in my life, I will be able to dedicate myself fully to the project. As I've shared it several times, mainly on my server, I'm not only investing time and effort, but the project also costs money, and right now I can't afford it, nor can I dedicate full time to it. I work practically alone, I do almost everything myself, and it's not feasible for me to continue developing the project this year. Thank you for understanding, and unfortunately unforeseen events arise, and a sequence of them occurred to me in the second half of the year, so I need this end of year to balance things out first. You can check more info about the mod bellow.


New quest mod coming soon: The mod's first open alpha test release was initially planned for late September/2022 but was pushed back to end of January/2023 for better polish. The several hours long adventure takes place mostly in Oblivion, specially on the Deadlands, and is intended for the Champion of Mehrunes Dagon, however, several of the objectives include interaction with other realms and daedra, even in places outside of Oblivion itself: you will travel between dungeons, open areas, underground caves, towns, gigantic daedric towers, and much more.
In January/23 I will relese the first open alpha for community testing and bug finding, also as a show of respect to the users, since the project will take a full year yet to be completed, and i want people to know that the project is being developed, and also providing them a place to have fun while waiting, and at same time this will help me with bug finding, and with ideas for improvment. Quest has 30 acts, each new alpha will feature 3 new acts. Open Alpha Test 1 will feature only the first 3 acts, but already with several hours of content. I plan to release a total of 9 to 10 alphas before the finished release.

Oblivion Gate test

(First test made on testing cell with vanilla interior dungeon lightning, second test made on vanilla
dagon shrine with natural exterior world lightning. I was not happy with my first try (showcased on
the video of the first gate test I published time ago), so i came back and redone the oblivion gate
effects and sounds, and now i like them much more.)

Oblivion Gate test 2

(Final test just to see how daedra exiting the gate would look like. No daedra will come from this gate, but
later on the mod they will come from others, while already in oblivion, specially when travelling between
realms and/or pocket realms. Check the previous testing to see the full working mechanics of the
Oblivion Gates on the mod.)

Mythic Dawn Archvicar lines

(He is the second main NPC of the mod, with Agent Ragna being the first and the central npc of the introdutory
quest "The Sigils of Oblivion". After finishing it, you start the main one, "The Herald of the Second Coming",
and is the Archivar who introduces you to the adventure. (he is using right now my 4k re-texture of Mythic
Dawn Robes, but in the finished version he will receive unique "Mythic Dawn Priest Robes", although
they will not be featured yet on the first open alpha testing release))

Interaction with Dagon at Azrak'ath Ruins

(First communication with Dagon in the end of the introdutory quest "The Sigils of Oblivion". After you
collect the sigil stone you travel to his shrine to enter the gate to the Deadlands. (video is a bit outdated,
on current state the eyes of dagon glow in fire when you approach and he starts talking))

Azrak'ath Ruins boss fight (end of act 1 of 30)

(Final boss of the Azrak'ath Ruins. These ruins are underground Daedric ruins on Nirn, more specifically on the Reach. Here
you complete Act 1 of the mod, and most of the remaining 29 acts take place in Oblivion, about 80% of them in the Deadlands.
In act 1 the introductory quest The Sigils of Oblivion occurs, where you collect the Sigil Stone that will be used to open the Oblivion
Gate that I showed in previous videos. When you enter the gate the main quest The Herald of the Second Coming will then begin.)

Azrak'ath Ruins Mythic Dawn ghosts in the end of act 1

(At the end of Act 1, still on Nirn, in an underground daedric ruin, after you finish the dungeon and acquire the
ritualistic Sigil Stone, several Mythic Dawn ghosts who were killed in this ruin during the Oblivion Crisis,
during an attack by Vigilants of Stendarr, appear to motivate you to go ahead and carry out Dagon's plans,
which start with the Dragonborn opening a portal to Oblivion.)