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Small mod to detect levers, pull chains, buttons, and keys. Works just like detect life, but for those hard to find levers, keys, and such in dark dungeons.

Permissions and credits
This is a conversion of the Legendary Edition mod Detect Levers by atpeace.

Detect Levers and Keys is a spell that works like the vanilla Detect Life spell, but it highlights the locations of levers, pull chains, and keys. Keys are highlighted in red, levers and chains in blue.

This is a quickly done conversion to get this mod available in SE. I've tested it a little to confirm it works, but that is all I intend to do with it at this time. Improvements are unlikely, unless there's some critical bug fix or it is something quite easy to implement.

SKSE is required for some basic functions. It should work with any version of Skyrim SE (so SE, AE, whatever) as long as SKSE is present. Tested only on SE.

The original mod's description follows:



I'm playing the game through again for the first time in a couple of years and I find myself lost
looking for a lever, chain or pull thing in a dark dungeon and end up
having to ask Google and scan read some walk-though. So I thought; Hey!
Detect life is stock and a search found no detect lever mod, so, well,
here it is.


Just like Detect Life, mana cost, skill req but it only detects things you can activate (in blue) and keys (in red).


  1. SKSE


Install with a mod managed or copy to your Skyrim Data directory, to uninstall just delete.
v 1.3 "Detect Levers" spell tomb can be bought, by chance, from various alteration sellers. Tolf @ tCoWh for one.
v 1.2 "Detect Levers" spell is given to the player upon installation.


If using a mod manager, replace the previous version.
If not using a mod manager copy contents into your Skyrim data directory replacing the previous version files


This mod should not conflict with anything


For those that are interested the source code is in the archive. And this mod is coded is a rather quick
and easy (but not dirty way). Comments welcome.

Update Log

Added spell tomb to various leveled lists; now can be purchased from alteration sellers once level alteration 50
Removed gifted spell learnt on installation.
THIS UPDATE IS NOT REQUIRED BUT ONLY FOR IMMERSION. Use version 1.2 if you don't want to go buy / find in loot

Better positioning of lights for activators.
No more little white lights that get attacked by enemies.
Rework of the removal of markers resulting in better performance.
Keys are now highlighted in red

Opps, forgot the esp file, included now

First release