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Interface, book, and notes font overhaul, with more realistic print.

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Replaces all common interface fonts with more visually pleasing and realistic ones while maintaining a "lore friendly" feel. Or less lore-friendly if that's your thing. With the 2.0 release there are more fonts to choose from with full configuration!
Changes the method that text is displayed on books and notes to make it appear less like they were created with inkjet printers.
Edits all book interface graphics that have improper transparencies so they don't look like stickers anymore.

Supports English French Italian German & Spanish I think.
At least all the fonts should. I only speak English.. sorry. If anyone wants to verify this, feel free to DM me.

Should be compatible with virtually every mod unless they alter the book.swf, fontconfig.txt, or book graphic texture files.
Fully compatible with interface mods that use the system fonts and all book and paper retextures.
Compatible with any new books added by other mods, although the page breaks and page formatting may not fall exactly where they were intended by the original authors (Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library for example). All text will display fine, just not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be.

Oblivion Interaction Icons is fully compatible with any font or patch variation.
Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer SE patch provided in installer.
Sanguis - An Oblivion Font patch provided in the installer.
Enderal Font For Skyrim SE patch provided in installer.
Scribes of Skyrim - A Font Extension patch in optional files.

Just use your favorite mod manager. FOMOD compatible. Load after any other mods using the provided compatibility patches.