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This mod randomizes the animals that are summoned, depending on the person summoning them.

Permissions and credits
This mod is made in loving memory of my pet cat and lifelong companion, Felix, who passed away last year, in December. I miss you, my friend. <3

What does this mod do?

This mod randomizes the animals that are summoned, depending on the person summoning them.

RP-wise, one could say the animal is determined depending on the summoner's personality.


The animals that are currently covered, are:


Types of spells

In addition to this animal type, I also expanded the elemental types:


Each elemental type has its own spell. However, the animals don't:


There are 22 animals and 5 spells, which means in total there are 110 possible combinations. (For reference, Vanilla has 2: Wolf and Flaming Wolf.)

How does this work? and Customization

Upon equipping any type Call Familiar spell, a random amount of an invisible token will be added to the inventory of the spell owner. Depening on the amount of tokens, you will be assigned an animal, from the list above.

You can however, manipulate the animal you'll get by using console commands to add/remove tokens:


To randomize the familiar animal on each cast, you can use the following console command:


Extra information

  • This mod is an ESLified ESP so it will not count towards the 255 plugin limit.
  • Staves and scrolls of the spells have been implemented and integrated into the world.
  • You can buy scrolls, tomes at court wizards and at the college of Winterhold. If you're installing from an existing save, please note that it may take some time for the vendors to restock.
  • This mod works with the Twin Souls perk. If you have that perk, you can summon 2 Familiars.
  • NPCs will have randomized animals as well, when they use the Call Familiar Spells.



Q: If I use any of the Call Familiar spells, I still always get the default wolf. Why's that?

A: This is refered to as "the default wolf bug". Another mod is most likely overriding my edits to the spell. You'll need to check which one is overriding and load this mod after that one. Most likely, it's a spell mod that may cause this.

Q: If I use any of the Call Familiar spells, no animal is being summoned. How can I fix this?

A: This is refered to as "the blank summon bug". For some reason, the spell failed to give you a random amount of the familiar. See above in the section "How does this work? and Customization" on how to add familiar creature tokens through console commands. Any amount between 1 and 21 is valid. An amount of 0, or higher than 21 will result into a "blank summon".

Q: Will you make a patch for Mod X?

A: Unless I'm using that mod myself, most likely not. Otherwise, maybe. However, I do allow other people to do so. (see permissions) (Keep in mind you might also need to check the permissions on the other mod, to see if its author is okay with a patch.)

Q: Will you add creatures from Mod X as summonable familiars?

A: See previous question.

Q: Can you give each animal their own spell to summon?

A: I have no plans to do so. There are other mods that do so already. See below. (differences with other mods)

Q: Will you port this mod to

A: I myself do not support console modding. The only version I support is the 64bit "Special Edition" Steam PC version of Skyrim. Other people are free to port it to any different version (see permissions), but I myself won't offer support for those. In addition, as this mod requires SKSE64 and SPID, I don't think it will work with any other versions.

Q: What are the differences with other mods similar to this one?

A: Most other major spell overhauls make each animal summon their own spell. Mods like Mysticism and Apocalypse for instance. There's also one mod that isn't that well known, which I took heavy inspiration from, namely Patronus Expanded, for the Radiant Familiar. Although I recreated the Radiant Familiar from scratch. That mod also makes each summonable animal their own spell. I recommend it as an alternative to this mod, if you only want the "Holy themed" familiar, aka "Patronus" and being able to have each animal as their own spell.

Q: Boar familiars are not attacking. Why does this happen?

A: If you cleaned Dragonborn.esm with an older version of xEdit, this will cause Bristlebacks (Boars) to be unable to attack. In that case, you should revert to an uncleaned version of Dragonborn.esm and use xEdit 4.0.3g or higher to clean it, using Quick Auto Clean. (I figured this out the hard way.) Version 4.0.3g (and higher) of xEdit can be found on their Discord channel, that you'll get access through via the link to it, in xEdit itself.

Q: When NPCs use a Call Familiar spell, no familiar appears. How can I fix this?

A: Check if SPID is installed correctly.

Q: Does this mod give you a different animal every time you equip the spell? Or do you always get the same one?

A: You always get the same one, unless you change the amount of tokens in your inventory.