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Adds 17 believable one-handed warhammers in the original materials, fully integrated via crafting and loot tables.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • German
  • French
  • 17 new weapons: Iron, Steel, Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, Glass, Ebony, Daedric, Dragonbone, Nordic, Stalhrim, Imperial, Ancient Nord (and variants), Dark, Golden, Amber and Madness Hammer
  • 1 new spell: Bound Hammer
  • Fair and balanced. Attack data (speed, damage, etc.) is like the corresponding sword, but hammers benefit from mace perks instead.
  • Fully integrated. All hammers can be crafted, bought from merchants or found on enemies and in dungeons. This includes enchanted versions.
  • Performance friendly. Polygon count is like a vanilla weapon, similarly optimised with a lower-resolution 3rd-person model. A few of the hammers (steel, glass, dragonbone and stalhrim) use textures from two weapons, however, which is slightly more expensive than a vanilla weapon.
  • Can be flagged as light ESP

  • Is affected by texture replacers for vanilla weapons, unless they also require material edits (transparent glass would be an example of the latter)
  • Is affected by most or all changes to perks or combat mechanics that affect maces.
  • Loot integration is scripted and does not require any plugin merging or patching to be compatible with other additions to loot tables.
  • Mods that overhaul loot or crafting would generally require a patch for consistency. The integration otherwise follows vanilla patterns exactly.

Patch for Morrowloot Ultimate by Mur4s4me

Safe to install and uninstall at any time, EXCEPT when you have an active Bound Hammer. Cancel Bound Hammer before uninstalling, or you will break your save.

I have opted to use the in-game name "hammer" for these weapons. The appropriate term would be "warhammer" (with or without spacing), but in Skyrim that is already established as specifically a long warhammer that requires both hands. Using the same term for one-handed warhammers would be confusing. I could add a specification, like "light warhammer" or "short warhammer", but that would turn into very awkward names, especially when enchanted. Sanctified Iron Light Warhammer? No thanks.
Alternatives could be to either make up a whole new term (like "battlehammer") that is neither historical nor established in modern fantasy, or take an existing term for something vaguely similar (like "mallet") and use it inappropriately. Compared to these options, I prefer the simple yet unspecific "hammer".