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The mages of Skyrim can lob fireballs, but none of them have ever decided to use their magic to better their everyday lives...Until now! Immersive Magic Brooms adds self-sweeping magic brooms to locations that make sense (Court Wizard labs, College of Winterhold) & adds spells to animate your own! Supports Sweeping Organizes Stuff & LotD

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  • Mandarin


Immersive Magic Brooms is a lightweight, somewhat silly, but fun immersion mod that adds (you guessed it) magic brooms to Skyrim!  It always struck me as a little odd that mages in Tamriel have the power to use magic to heal wounds, attack with the elements, and even use telekinesis to lift and throw objects, but they seemingly never applied these magical abilities in a way that made sense for them to do: to improve their daily lives.  For a Court Wizard in service to a Jarl, what better way to prove your usefulness in the day-to-day than to automate a process that usually requires human labor?  For a master wizard or researcher like Neloth, or Calcelmo, would it not prove useful to keep your place of study clean without needing servants bumping into you left and right?  


  • Magic Brooms hand-placed in locations that made sense & maximized compatibility with interior overhaul mods (such as JK's Interiors & Obscure's College of Winterhold, etc.) The brooms will sweep around the area, are invulnerable, and do not engage in combat. They do not reset havok placement or anything, though they do have collision and such can and will push items on the floor around if they run into them (IMMERSIVE SWEEPING) WITH v2.0 your animated broom is able to sweep up an area utilizing the functionality of wSkeever's Sweeping Organizes Stuff with an optional patch!  The SOS patch REQUIRES Immersive Magic Brooms v2.0 or higher!
  • New spells allowing you to animate your own magic broom that will sweep the area near where it is summoned indefinitely (requires a broom in your inventory to animate)  This means that you can add a magic broom to ANY LOCATION OR PLAYER HOME OF YOUR CHOOSING, VANILLA OR FROM MODS. You can only have one magic broom animated at a time; you can use the spell again to move the broom to a new location of your choosing as many times as you'd like, or use the deanimate spell to return it to its mundane form.
  • Spell tomes for the animate/deanimate spells can be found in several locations, and depending on where they are located can be either picked up and used freely, or will count as stealing (certain characters like Neloth or Wuunferth may not be as charitable as, say, the College of Winterhold!  A full list of the spell tome locations is as follows: 

  • OPTIONAL LEGACY OF THE DRAGONBORN PATCH that will add magic brooms to the LotD Museum and to the Dev Aveza airship, along with spell tomes to summon/desummon the brooms in the storeroom basement underneath the Safehouse


No requirements for the main file, just install and play

Sweeping Organizes Stuff required for your animated broom to actually clean on command, not required for main file!

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE required only for the optional Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch

The magic brooms will use whatever broom textures you have installed; in the screenshots I used Rally's Brooms

This mod adds magic brooms almost exclusively (with one or two exceptions) to interior locations, meaning that there MAY be some compatibility issues with mods that heavily alter these areas, HOWEVER this should only result in things like a spell tome being out of place/on the floor instead of placed how I intended it to be, it should not cause any serious problems and was tested with ALL of JK's Interiors, Obscure's College of Winterhold, and SFCO & worked without issues, so it is unlikely that anything will create a hard conflict.

YOU CAN INSTALL THIS ON AN EXISTING SAVE but make sure that when you load your save, you are not in a cell where brooms have been added, this will likely cause a CTD.  Just take your character somewhere the magic brooms are not present, install the mod, then load and it will work 100% fine on an existing save.


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