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Furr-ifies several objects used in Legacy of the Dragonborn that aren't patched by existing furry mods

Permissions and credits
NEW: I now have a Discord Server as an alternate place for support/feedback on my mods, and also for discussing furry mods in general.

This mod patches several object in Legacy of the Dragonborn to be more furry in order to fit in furry mods like SkyFurry or Furry/Yiffy Age of Skyrim. It only covers things that aren't currently covered by either mod. Only stuff with clearly human character are changed, everything else is left alone. Everything is fully SFW, and I will not be making NSFW versions of anything.

Currently, it makes these thing furrier:
  • Cards of Fate
  • Collectable coins
  • Paintings
  • An interior statue
  • Stros M'kai Rum's label
  • The Jade Skull
  • A few other random Skulls

There should be no issues with installing or uninstalling this mod mid-play through, and it contains no esp/esl/esm files.

This mod will likely conflict with any mods that affect the same models or textures. You can chose in the installer to not install a specific model if you have difficulties. This mod shouldn’t have any conflicts with or need patches for any others besides those kinds of mods.

Future Plans/Help Wanted:
There are still several of non-furry objects in the LotD that still need patching. I plan to occasionally add more to this mod over time. If you think you can patch anything yourself, let me know and I'll try and help you with it.

I could also use some better screenshots and furry art to replace paintings and mural with. If you have some you think could be usable, let me know and I may add it in. I am trying very hard to maintain LotD's original style though, so I may not be able to use it.

My Other Mods:

Art Credits:
Thank you to everyone who let me use their art for this mod! Please check out the original, high-quality versions below

Card of Arms: Memories
Art by Wolnir
Character by Talu_Lupus
Card of Demons: A Demon’s Demon / The corruption
Art by Wolnir
Character by Sturmensky
Card of Fortune: Treasure
Art by CedarWolf
Character by whitefang_greytail
Card of Mystics: Meditation
Art by Royz
Character by Vultu2e
Card of Shadows: They'll only hear the rain
Art by Wolnir
Character by warwolf35
Card of Travelers: Got some bardic inspiration and painted this
Art by FemurSlemurs

Nobleman's Portrait: Wolfbeast
Art by Jocarra
Character by Wolfbeast

Other Credits:
icecreamassaassin, for the original assets for Legacy of the Dragonborn
Bad Dog, for furry assets used from Furry Age of Skyrim
Bad Dog, again, for Nifly, a program I used to edit the models in Blender
Bethesda for Skyrim and the vanilla models

Hexabit, for the Bethesda Archive Extractor, used to access the vanilla models
Wenderer, for the FOMOD Creation Tool, used to make the FOMOD installer
Nifskope, used to edit the functionality of the models
Blender, used to edit the appearance of the models
Paint.NET, used to edit the textures
GIMP, used to make some more complex texture edits
xNormal, used to create the normal map for the hagraven vests
Microsoft Word, used to put together the screenshots, because I'm not an artist