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Starts the player in an alternate realm, rather than the default execution scene opening.

Here, you can create your character, choose Classes and Curses, and start playing from a large selection of places!

Gorgeous visuals, and limitless possibilities for adventure and exploration.

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'Realm of Lorkhan' revitalizes the entry to the game, by providing you with a gorgeous otherworldly "character creation area".

*Works with VR!*

You are transported to the "Realm of Lorkhan" as soon as you press NEW GAME. Within, you'll purchase your equipment, a standing stone, pray to a god, and finally choose a location to begin the game from.

The mod's goal is to enable you full choice over your starting experience.

Want to start as a common farmer? An apprentice at the mages' college? Perhaps a common smith? A
mercenary? Herbalist? Hunter? Something in between? It's all up to you.

You can choose one or more Classes, and take Curses as well. You get one free Class, but for a second or third class you must take on Curses for balance.

Buy equipment for your adventures from the merchants in Lorkhan, who sell clothing, armors, weapons, spells, potions, scrolls, and other starter goods. You begin with only 500 gold. Maybe you'll squander it, to start out penniless. Or maybe you'll scrounge up as much as you can to start rich. There is a wide selection of starter goods, plus materials available to craft your own starting armor.

When you are ready to begin the game, touch one of several gems, each taking you to a vastly different area of the game world. You may also return to the Realm of Lorkhan by returning to the gem where you began (although you cannot fast-travel back there).

Where should you begin? The mages' College of Winterhold? A farmer's home? The border to Cyrodiil?
The dungeons of Blackreach? The fall forests of Riften? An orc stronghold? A daedric shrine?

Perhaps you'll go for a survivalist run, starting poorly equipped as a shipwreck survivor off Dawnstar. Or as a brave adventurer, coming upon a dungeon. Even a humble smith playthrough is possible. It's all up to you, and your choices.

Play Skyrim exactly how you want, from the very beginning. Create your own character, with limitless possibilities.

You'll begin with nothing in your quest log, but can start the main quest by visiting Whiterun and speaking to the Jarl.

I've edited dialogue to remove references to Helgen on Jarl Balgruuf, Irileth, Ulfric, and General Tullius.

You'll still be on track to become the Dragonborn, whichhappens at the death of Mirmulnir at the Western Watchtower.

To exit the Realm of Lorkhan and begin the game proper, you can select from the gems floating around the perimeter of the area.

You can also use the command 'coc whiterunbanneredmare' or another cell to exit the Realm and spawn anywhere you like!

Gem Locations:
  • Nightgate Inn
  • Shor's Stone
  • Solitude (Behind Bard's College)
  • Blackreach
  • College of Winterhold (On the Bridge)
  • Riften Forest
  • Falkreath Forest (Burned Caravan)
  • Cyrodiil Border (Near Pale Pass)
  • Morthal
  • Wreck of the Brinehammer (Near Dawnstar)
  • Riverwood
  • Ragnvald
  • Hall of the Vigilant
  • High Hrothgar
  • Mor Khazgur (Orc Stronghold)
  • Whiterun
  • Fort Dawnguard (Canyon)
  • Sacellum of Boethia
  • Fort Hraggstad Prison
  • Windhelm Docks
  • Red Dawn (Ship in Solitude Docks)
  • Reach Stormcloak Camp
  • Rift Imperial Camp
  • Cracked Tusk Keep (Bandit Dungeon)
  • Knifepoint Mine (Bandit Dungeon)
  • Broken Limb Camp (Giant Camp)
  • Kagrenzel (Dwemer Ruin)
  • Ivarstead
  • Deepwood Vale (Forsworn Worldspace)
  • Meeko's Shack
  • Stonehills (Friendly Mine)
  • Rannveig's Fast (Ghost Dungeon)
  • Winking Skeever (Solitude Inn)
  • Movarth's Lair (Vampire Cave)

There are 7 backpacks which you can loot for quick starting equipment.
  • Militia
  • Hunter
  • Thief
  • Guard
  • Student
  • Warlock
  • Smith
  • Herbalist

All the standing stones can be found within the Realm, same as throughout Skyrim. They will pick up any mods to Standing Stone buffs. They can be found mostly on the ring surrounding the Realm, though some are on the central island. Keep an eye out, and wander around, and you will soon find the one you want most.

Around the side of the main structure, there is a bloody grate which leads to 'Gloomshade', a dark alternate dimension of Lorkhan. Explore within, and you will come upon a vampire from whom you can contract Sanguinaire Vampiris. From there, you may want to sleep or wait a few days to allow it to progress before beginning your game as a vampire!


- Acrobat (Take 40% less falling damage. Move 5% faster.)
- Agent (Buy prices are 15% cheaper. Light has 40% less effect on sneaking.)
- Archer (Deal 10% extra physical damage with bows. Recover 25% extra arrows.)
- Assassin (Sneak attacks do 15% more damage. Potions and poisons you make are 15% more potent.)
- Barbarian (Take 15% less physical damage. Attacks do 15% more physical damage.)
- Bard (Time between shouts reduced 20%. Sell prices are 15% higher.)
- Battlemage (While wearing at least 2 pieces of heavy armor, gain 50 magicka and absorb 15% of hostile spells as magicka.)
- Crusader (Power attacks do 15% extra damage. While in torch-light or brighter, take 20% less physical damage.)
- Healer (Whenever your health is below 40%, magicka restores quickly. When making potions, 20% chance of creating an extra potion.)
- Knight (Armor rating is 15% higher. Do 15% extra physical damage to enemies who are hostile and detect the player, or else 30% less.)
- Mage (While wearing no light or heavy armor, magicka is fortified by 150.)
- Monk (When unarmored, attacks do an extra 20%% physical damage and stamina regenerates 30% faster.)
- Necromancer (Can summon one extra creature. Conjuration levels up 20% faster and costs 10% less.)
- Nightblade (While in shadow, magicka regenerates 30% faster. At night, attacks do 10% more physical damage.)
- Pilgrim (Gain 20% more skill while outdoors. Buy and sell prices are 10% better.)
- Rogue (While wearing over 2 pieces of light armor, gain 50 stamina. In combat, move 5% faster.)
- Scout (Regenerate stamina 20% faster. While outdoors, move 10% faster.)
- Sorceror (Regenerate magicka 30% faster. All magic types cost 10% less to cast.)
- Spellsword (Magicka regenerates 50% faster when you have a melee weapon equipped in your right hand.)
- Thief (Locksmith sweetspot is 30% larger. While not in combat or being searched for, you are 30% harder to detect.)
- Warrior (While weaing 2 pieces of heavy or light armor, health is fortified by 100.)
- Witchhunter (Silver weapons do 10 extra damage against werewolves, undead, and vampires. In crypts, lairs, and hagraven nests, magicka regenerates 40% faster.)


- Clumsy (You are 25% more likely to be detected when sneaking.)
- Commoner (Reduce health, stamina, and magicka by 50.)
- Desperate Strikes (Power attacks do 5% more damage, but cost 20% more stamina.)
- Frail (Take 15% more physical damage.)
- Generous (Sell prices are 10% lower, and buy prices are 10% higher.)
- Lisp (Shouts can only be cast half as frequently.)
- Moralist (Do 20% less physical damage to playable races.)
- Mundane (Magicka is reduced by 50, and regenerates 60% slower.)
- Open Palm (With an empty right hand, attacks do 10 more physical damage. Otherwise, do 40% less physical damage.)
- Scorned (You are 10% weaker to hostile magic.)
- Sun Attuned (Outdoors during day, magicka regenerates twice as fast. Indoors or during night, magicka regenerates half as fast.)
- Unlucky (Enemies have a 10% higher chance to critically hit you.)


- Mindfulness (You gain 30% more skill experience.)
- Harvester (You gain 1 extra ingredient from harvesting.)
- Lucky (You have 10% higher chance to critically hit.)
- Summoner (You can summon 1 extra creature or undead.)
- Atronach (You have 10% chance to absorb hostile spells as magicka.)
- Cat (You take 50% less falling damage)



- Cat statue from Hypn0sef
- Classical Woman Statue from Tamira