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Starts the player in an alternate realm, rather than the default execution scene opening. Here, they can select items, a birth sign, as well as choose from several locations from which to start the game. Gorgeous visuals, and limitless possibilities for adventure and exploration.

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~==~==~ REALM OF LORKHAN ~==~==~

'Realm of Lorkhan' revitalizes the entry to the game, by providing you with a gorgeous otherworldly "character creation area".

This mod replaces the game's original execution cutscene. Instead, you are transported to the "Realm of Lorkhan" as soon as you press NEW GAME. Within, you'll select your equipment, a birthstone, and a location to begin the game from. You may also optionally choose a class, such as Bard, Pilgrim, or Knight.

Should you become a common farmer? Or an apprentice at the mages' college? Perhaps a common smith? A mercenary? Herbalist? It's all up to you.

Prepare for your adventures by speaking to the merchants in Lorkhan, who sell clothing, armors, weapons, potions, scrolls, and other essential goods. You begin with only 500 gold. Maybe you'll squander it, to start out poor. Otherwise, you may gather items from within the Realm, should you wish to start richer.

When you are ready to begin the game, touch one of several gems, each taking you to a vastly different area of the game world. You may also return to the Realm of Lorkhan by returning to the gem where you began (although you cannot fast-travel back there).

Where should you begin? The mages' College of Winterhold? A humble home? The border to Cyrodiil? In the caverns of Blackreach? The fall forests of Riften? The green woods of Falkreath? If you have an idea for another location, let me know! I'll check back every so often to add the most highly requested ones.

It's all up to you! Play the game exactly how you like, from the very beginning. Create your own character, with limitless possibilities.

I hope you enjoy, and that this mod brings you the exact sort of adventure you're looking for!


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Realm of Lorkhan keeps the main quest intact, but does not start the character with it in their quest log. This enables you to become the Dragonborn if you choose, but does not force that path upon you. You can begin by visiting Whiterun and sharing news about a recent dragon attack in Helgen. Helgen is aflame in this mod.

You also begin without an allegiance for the Civil War, and may start that quest line upon visiting Jarl Ulfric or General Tullius. You will have no predisposition towards either Hadvar or Ralof.

This mod starts you out with nothing in your quest log! You begin play with an entirely blank slate, save for quests that other mods have added. I'm very pleased with what I was able to do here, and I think it'll benefit your sandbox-style play immensely!


  • Nightgate Inn
  • Shor's Stone
  • Solitude (Behind Bard's College)
  • Blackreach
  • College of Winterhold (On the Bridge)
  • Riften Forest
  • Falkreath Forest (Burned Caravan)
  • Cyrodiil Border (Near Pale Pass)
  • Morthal
  • Wreck of the Brinehammer (Near Dawnstar)
  • Riverwood
  • Ragnvald

Standing Stones
All the standing stones may be found within the Realm, in addition to throughout Skyrim. This allows you to pick a starting sign, if you so choose. They can be found mostly on the ring surrounding the Realm, though some are on the central island. Keep an eye out, and wander around, and you will soon find the one you want most.

Boons and Curses
Boons, curses, and classes are customized permanent modifications you can make to your character. You can add them at any time, even after character creation, by returning to the Realm of Lorkhan.They can all be found beside an ethereal pool in the Realm.

Boons (Positive Blessings):

- Boon of the Cat (1/2 fall damage)
- Boon of the Poisoner (+10 strikes per poison applied)
- Boon of the Pugilist (+20 unarmed damage)
- Boon of the Sinistral (+20% left-handed attack speed)
- Voice of the Sky (animals do not attack or flee from you [unless attacked])
- Bardic Knowledge (summon a spectral drum to give extra stamina regeneration)

Curses (Negative Blessings):
- Curse of Antimagicka (-100% magicka regeneration)
- Curse of Generosity (you sell items for half of their regular amount)
- Curse of the Slow Learner (-33% skill experience gain)
- Curse of the Unlucky (enemies get 10% chance to critically hit you)

These are customized permanent modifications that you may choose to add to your character. They use the same dynamic as Boons and Curses, and can be found at the same place. You can choose any number of classes, combining them as you wish (eg. Mage + Knight = Battlemage). These are entirely optional, but I find that they help when going for a particular style of play.

Here are the existing classes:
- Class: Acrobat (+5% movement speed, +20% melee damage reflected to enemies, +20% stamina regeneration)
- Class: Archer (+10% attack speed, +20% time slowdown during aiming)
- Class: Barbarian (+30 natural armor, regenerate health in combat, +20% health regeneration)
- Class: Bard (+10% critical chance, +10 speech power [not fortify])
- Class: Healer (+20 restoration power [not fortify], +20 alchemy power [not fortify])
- Class: Knight (+20% health regeneration, +20% magic resist against hostile spells)
- Class: Mage (+100 magicka, +20% magicka regeneration)