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Texture replacer for the city of Windhelm. Focusing on making it look like an ancient, but lived-in city.

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Update! Added optional that removes the snowy footprints from the muddy streets of Windhelm when combining my mod with the footprints mod (
Special thanks to GaRRuSS for making this happen!

Dirty stone walls with broken parts. Really muddy streets beacause in a capital city the snow never has a chance to settle. Realistic wood textures on houses, indoor walls and floors. Removed roots from the cemetary alley. New windows, stone and bronze sculptures, and masonry with painted norse ornaments. New wall of the dead, headstones and more...

The vanilla textures has an upscaled, hand painted feel to them. This is totally different. Based on real photographic texture resources spanning from 2k to 4k the goal was to make the low-rez meshes of Windhelm look as realistic as possible.

I have not made the front gate and most of the doors because there is allready some great mods for that, as noted further down. Also the texture for the Ysgramor statue is not included because it's not an original feature in Windhelm.

Future updates will include lower rez versions and tweaks.

Mods used in screenshots or just out of frame. As far as I have seen they all work together. Highly reccomended. 

Vanilla has a rug over the entire floor in the throne room, a blank texture has removed it. I use Rugnarok, linked below, instead.

JK's Skyrim
Windhelm bridge overhaul
Windhelm military enhancement project
Windhelm brazier replacer
Smooth Windhelm ground meshes
Windhelm bridge archways and doors
Marvelous Windelms doors
Marvelous Windhelm Gate

ENB's used are a tweaked Rudy and as of this week of course NLA.