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cel shading retexture of some of the larger DLC sized mods to fit Kanjs Borderline overhaul of the base game

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Hi there,

this is a collection of cel shading retextures of some of the DLC sized mods to fit in with the Cel Shading Retexture from Kanjis
( Kanjs already retextured the hole vanilla game, DLCs, CC Stuff, SMIM and CBBE.

I like Kanjs cel shading overhaul, but sadly other mods would still use regular textures. Since he released his Photoshop Actions, i gave it a shot and tried to retexture myself.

I am a new to Photoshop but it think most of the textures fit. I saved in BC7 with mipmaps. Usually same size or smaller. I black out some material textures to get a more matte look. If you don’t like that just delete those (usually with an „_m“ at the end of the file name). Mostly this affects armors and weapons, but also some
other metal items.

Since these are textures only, you still need the corresponding original mod.


Thanks to Kanjs for his retexture and his photoshop actions.
Thanks to the mod authors who either have an open permission or gave me one via PM:
mannyGT & Salchichen (Gray Cowl of Nocturnal)
Jonx0r (Wyrmstooth)
BeyondSkyrimDC Team (Bruma)
sa547 Gray Cowl Alkir Flora Overhaul
HaemProjects Team (Carved Brink, Project AHO)

Please endorse theier work if you like it.

Should i have misinterpreted one of your open persmissons, please let me know, i will immediatly take that part of the mod down.

Overhaul of the basegame including the DLCs:



Alternative bloodand sky texture by VanaheimRanger:

My Retextures:
Armor and Clothingmods:

Weapons and Magicmods:

DLC sized mods:

Johnskyrims mods:

Creatures and Animals:

Environmental Mods:

and XilaMonstrr did some of Mihails Monsters:

For some gameplay you coud watch some of Vanaheim (also uses a reshade):


08.10.2022: Project AHO, Carved Brink