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Adapts paper maps by Duncan Larsen for Flat World Map Framework. Includes Solstheim, Falskaar, The Grey Cowl of Nocturnal, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and Wyrmstooth.

Permissions and credits
Duncan's Paper Maps for FWMF

Updated maps with backgrounds (from 10.01.2023) require a patch now, if you use SSE Engine Fixes. It is included in FOMOD. If you have custom config for SSE Engine Fixes, just make BSLightingShaderForceAlphaTest false (this may disable LOD reflection fix, but let the map be properly rendered). In case of issues previous version with plain black background available in older files as well as version with different workaround (not tested thoroughly tho).

This is an adaptation of Duncan Larsen's paper maps for a Flat World Map Framework. It includes all his maps except Darkend, which is completely outdated geo and markers wise (explanation in sticky).

Mod includes:

  • Solstheim map (with background)
  • Bruma county map (from BS: Bruma, with background)
  • Wyrmstooth map (with background)
  • Falskaar map (with background)
  • Alik'r Desert map (from The Grey Cowl of Nocturnal, with background)

Maps available via up-to-date FOMOD or as standalone mods (in Old Versions).
Wyrmstooth map is slightly outdated - missing one major island to the north and some minor POIs there and Bruma map is a somewhat limited zoom/inclination wise due to BS: Bruma mesh specifics. 

The archive is mod manager compatible.

Install FWMF FOMOD first (Fantasy Paper Maps package preferable). Make sure FMWF is the last in plugins list (only weather fixes or FWMF various patches may be lower), then install this mod normally and place it last in mod order.

Make sure Flat Map Markers config file (FlatMapMarkersSSE.json) has segments for all chosen worldspaces (pick All Skyrim Maps + DLCs + Worldspace Mods during FWMF FOMOD installation).

If you install multiple maps from this mod including Bruma, make sure Bruma is last in plugin list. Otherwise its map may be glitchy on northern edge. Also installation Bruma map will disable camera inclintion for ALL FWMF maps.

Compatible - Skyrim SE/AE/GOG (1.6.640 including), but be sure to pick your exact Skyrim version during FWMF FOMOD installation.
Not compatible - any map mods except FMWF.

Recommended Mods
Atlas Map Markers - Updated with MCM works perfect and smaller markers make map more readable. Just be sure to put Atlas' .esp before FWMF in load order.

Get along with most UI overhauls. Dear Diary UI and its skins are highly recommended.

Known Issues
Some POI and geo features not covered on Wyrmstooth map, camera limitation on Bruma map.

To talented cartographer Duncan E Larsen for original maps
To Bethesda for background images
To RecedingMouse7 for testing textures

Future Plans
Proper backgrounds.
Up-to-date Wyrmstooth map.