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This is a compilation of patches for Missives and several new landspace mods.

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This is a compilation of patches for Missives) and several new landspace mods.

An LE version of these patches can be found here. (update: no longer supported)

Solstheim: Dragonborn DLC

Adds a Missives board to Raven Rock. (outside Morvayn Manor in Raven Rock.)

New quest: "Kill Rieklings" (replaces "Kill Giant" for Solstheim)

Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil

Adds a Missives board to Bruma. (outside the Jeralls View Inn in Bruma.)

New quest: "Kill Ogre" (will only trigger very rarily unfortunately) (replaces "Kill Giant" for Cyrodiil)


Adds a Missives board to Amber Creek, just outside the inn.


Adds a Missives Board to Stonehollow, just outside the inn. Requires the Wyrmstooth main quest to be completed and the town completely rebuild.

As there are very few NPCs at Stonehollow, very few quests may pop up at the Missive Board.

Beyond Reach

Adds a Missives Board to Evermore, just outside the inn.

I renamed the "Kill Forsworn" quest to "Kill Witchmen".

Midwood Isle

Adds a Missive Board to Florin, near the market stalls.


Adds a Missive Board to the main square of Northpoint.

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Adds a Missive Board to Ben Erai.


Missives - Notes Retexture by JaySerpa: a nice retexture for the missive boards, with optional files to apply the textures to Missives Boards of these patches.


A: Yes.

Q: Does installing/updating/uninstalling on an existing save work?
A: Some persistent references might be a bit stubborn to update, but AFAIK there shouldn't be any major issues.

Q: Is this compatible with <insert mod>?
A: I don't know by heart. You might need to check yourself.

Q: Will you make a patch for <insert mod>?
A: That depends. If I like the suggestion and use said mod myself, I might eventually get to it. Keep in mind that certain worldspace mods might not have the correct setup/locations/NPCs for a patch.

Q: I have a suggestion to improve the mod. Can you do it?
A: Maybe, if I have time and I like the idea, I'll consider it.

Q: Will you port this to <insert platform>?
A: No, I myself only support the Steam and GOG English SE and AE versions of Skyrim. If someone else wants to port it, feel free. (see permission) If you decide to port it, you yourself take full responsibility to offer support to said port. I will not provide no support for any ports by third parties.

Q: I use a ported version of this mod on <insert platform> and I have a problem. Can you help?
A: I don't provide any support for third party ports on other platforms than the Steam and GOG English SE and AE versions of Skyrim. If you have issues, you should adress the person that ported it.

Q: Does this work on Skyrim 1.6+, aka "Anniversary Edition"?
A: Yes, it should.

Q: Why don't your mods use MCMs and instead use this janky console command system to set globals?
A: I am not a fan of MCMs. You can set the globals by making a patch in xEdit. I have no plans of changing this. If you want to add an MCM, feel free. (see permissions)

Q: Why don't you use FOMODs?
A: That would require reuploading the entire mod, in question, even if I only make a small change. My internet is limited and reuploading the files each time will take a huge chunk of my monthly volume.