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Some of the Dragonborn Museum shipment crates were originally placed over navmeshed terrain, causing actors to get stuck. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE WITH THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF LOTD. Therefore, this is now a "flavour patch", use if you like the new placement better (check screenshots).

Permissions and credits
NOTICE: Since version 5.3.1, Legacy of The Dragonborn adds collision boxes to the crates that were previously placed over navmeshed terrain. That update fixed preexisting NPC pathfinding problems, making this patch unnecessary from the standpoint of fixing any gameplay issues. It is, now, a flavour patch that I chose to leave up in case you prefer the new locations.

Legacy of The Dragonborn SSE adds a practical shipment system allowing you to send items to the museum in Solitude, helping you avoid getting over-encumbered or having to make the trip to Solitude so often. Some crates used to be placed over navmeshed terrain, which was harmless in general, especially in the cases where they were in a position (such as an inner corner) that NPCs would never choose to navigate through - but some NPCs seemed to indeed try to walk through the area occupied by the crates, getting stuck for a while. Sometimes you'd find them standing on top of the crates, or leaning against the wall through the crates. Mods that edited the cart drivers' behaviour, like ICAIO (which makes them seek shelter or warmth depending on weather and time of day) would make this more noticeable.This is no longer the case with LOTD version 5.3.1 and all subsequent versions.

This mod was originally a quick fix for those pathfinding issues by moving the crates to the nearest navmesh "hole" that made sense in the context.

I tried to keep the crates in places that were tidy and made sense. In all cases they're located in areas that were not navmeshed, close to the original location, so as to not thwart the author's purpose. Also cared to avoid idle markers, civil war markers and the like. I still think the new locations are "tidier", but this is ultimately a matter of personal taste. Use this mod if you like the new locations better, don't use it if you prefer the original ones from LOTD.

The plugin is esl flagged, so in practice it won't count towards your plugin limit. It's also safe to merge.

New locations of some of the shipment crates:

Other locations:

  • Riften by the Bee and Barb: moved crates to navmesh cut on the other wall and moved the barrel that occupied that spot to the lower deck, also free of navmesh;
  • Markarth by the Silverblood Inn: moved the crates to a new platform added on the left side of the door to the inn, in a navmesh free spot and disabled the collision box for the original location.
  • Whiterun by the Bannered Mare: moved crates from the road to a free spot just a few meters away next to Arcadia's Cauldron, exchanging places with some shrubbery and disabled the collision box;
  • Whiterun - Breezehome: moved crates to the right side of the porch because some Whiterun or Breezehome mods (ex.: BFU) use the left side to add a garden of sorts, causing clipping issues. I think the new location is generally more compatible with other mods.
  • Dawnstar: on the other side of the steps to the Windpeak Inn, there was a non navmeshed spot with a few barrels and a couple of snowberry shrubs; the shrubs don't have collisions, so I swapped them, looks tidier to me;
  • Winterhold, similarly to Dawnstar, moved crates from navmeshed corner to non navmeshed corner;
  • Heljarchen (Nightgate Inn), moved crates from navmeshed corner to non navmeshed spot on the porch, replacing a wood pile that was moved to another non navmeshed spot and disabled collision box.


Extra esl-flagged plugins are provided that add museum shipment crates to locations from mods that are frequently used with Legacy of The Dragonborn. Current supported mods are:
- Falskaar (crates at Amber Mead Inn, Horndew Lodge and Falskaar Docks);
- Wyrmstooth (crates at Fort Valus, Stonehollow and Wyrmstooth Docks); 
- Moon and Star (crates at Selyse's Tradehouse);
- MannyGT's The Grey Cowl of Nocturnal (crates in Ben Erai);
- Moonpath to Elsweyr (crates in Tenmar Hideout and Elsweyr Estuary);
- Forgotten City (crates in the Forgotten Ruin, near Cassia's camp).

All locations maintain the same location principles as the originals from LOTD: near inns (or merchants), carriages (or docks) and player homes. They will all be inactive until activated in the museum's shipment schedule, in the Hall of Heroes.

All files are esl flagged, won't really count towards your plugin limit and can be merged. More will be added in the future and I'll probably bundle them up in a FOMOD for download convenience.

A word about "immersion": does it make sense to have museum crates showing up in a place like Ben Erai, a community that has been isolated for 200 years according to the story? Nope. This mod isn't about lore-mongering, but convenience. It helps you drop off your extra weight in unique relics and other things you may want to display at the museum, in a way that at least saves you from cheating your carryweight or toggling God mode until you reach somewhere to drop it. This is a role-playing game, so, make up the story behind the scenes. If you're indeed the relic hunter for the museum, imagine you took care of the logistics when coming to remote places like the Alik'r or Elsweyr. Those crates weren't there before YOU came, YOU set them up and messaged your fellow relic hunters to pick up your stuff and haul it to the museum. If you really don't like to see the museum crates in certain locations, these add-ons are strictly modular, install only the ones you need.


These patches should be placed as high as possible in your load order, provided that they come after their masters. Loot should sort them well enough, but check your load order in SSEEdit for conflicts. Namely, they need to be placed above mods like Realistic Water Two, Moonpath Music, Sky and Lighting Fix, ELE, ELFX enhancer or hardcore, Audio Overhaul or any other mods change the cell records where the crate references are nested, both interior and exterior - those mods should ALWAYS take priority and be loaded BELOW the patches you download from this page.

Question: is it compatible with mod x?

This mod is very simple and should be compatible with most mods. Tested in game with Immersive Citizens, Cutting Room Floor, Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods (this patch should be placed lower in the load order) and many others that affect the given areas, but don't change navmesh. It won't be compatible with mods that make changes in the new location of the crates or edit navmesh in such a way that the new spot will now be over navmeshed terrain, thwarting the mod's purpose. Mind that the fact that a mod changes navmesh in those cells doesn't necessarily mean it won't be compatible. This merely adds or moves crates and a few plants or static around where needed. No edits were made to the navmesh itself. In Markarth, I painted some landscape to remove grass and keep the scene tidy (please check screenshot above). It will conflict with Lanscape Fixes and the conflict should be resolved by having this mod win the landscape record (place this plugin below the Landscape Fixes plugin).

I hope you enjoy this patch and the add-ons.

All credits to Icecreamassassin, the LOTD dev team and the authors of above mentioned mods. Go check them and Legacy of The Dragonborn SSE if you haven't (but then, why check this mod anyway?) and remember to endorse them.