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Some of the Dragonborn Museum shipment crates are placed over navmeshed terrain and cause actors to get stuck if they try to navigate through them. This patch moves the crates to nearby, logic places that have no navmesh by default, ensuring compatibility with the base game and any mods that don't make substantial changes to navmesh in those areas.

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UNOFFICIAL PATCH If and when Icecreamassassin or anyone on the Legacy development team addresses this issue on their side, releasing a fix in a future update, this will no longer be needed.

Legacy of The Dragonborn SSE's latest version added a practical shipment system allowing you to send items to the museum in Solitude, helping you avoid getting over-encumbered or having to make the trip to Solitude so often. But some crates are placed over navmeshed terrain. This will be harmless in general, especially in the cases where they were in a position (such as an inner corner) that NPCs would never choose to navigate through - but it turns out that some NPCs seemed to indeed try to walk through the area occupied by the crates, getting stuck for a while. Sometimes you'd find them standing on top of the crates, or leaning against the wall through the crates. Mods that edit the cart drivers' behaviour, like ICAIO (which makes them seek shelter or warmth depending on weather and time of day) will make this more noticeable.

A quick fix for this is to move the crates to the nearest navmesh "hole" that makes sense in the context.

So I did that and tried to keep the crates in places that were tidy and made sense. In all cases they're located in areas that were not navmeshed, close to the original location, so as to not thwart the author's purpose. Also cared to avoid idle markers, civil war markers and the like.

New locations of some of the shipment crates:

Other locations:

  • Riften by the Bee and Barb - crate was overlapping an idle marker, moved it to navmesh cut on the other wall and moved the barrel that occupied that spot to the lower deck, also free of navmesh;
  • Markarth by the Silverblood Inn: users reported NPCs getting stuck, also moved the crates to a new platform added on the left side of the door to the inn, in a navmesh free spot;
  • Whiterun by the Bannered Mare, crates were on navmeshed road so I moved them to a free spot just a few meters away next to Arcadia's Cauldron, exchanging places with some shrubbery;
  • Dawnstar, crates were over navmeshed terrain, but in a corner that NPCs wouldn't use for navigation anyway (well, they might if prompted to go around an obstacle such as the player character or another NPC, but that shouldn't happen very often). Still, on the other side of the steps to the Windpeak Inn, there was a non navmeshed spot with a few barrels and a couple of snowberry shrubs; the shrubs don't have collisions, so I swapped them;
  • Winterhold, similarly to Dawnstar, moved crates from navmeshed corner to non navmeshed corner;
  • Heljarchen (Nightgate Inn), moved crates from navmeshed corner to non navmeshed spot on the porch, replacing a wood pile that was moved to another non navmeshed spot.

Question: is it compatible with mod x?

This mod is very simple and should be compatible with most mods. Tested in game with Immersive Citizens, Cutting Room Floor, Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods (this patch should be placed lower in the load order) and many others that affect the given areas, but don't change navmesh. It won't be compatible with mods that make changes in the new location of the crates or edit navmesh in such a way that the new spot will now be over navmeshed terrain, thwarting the mod's purpose. Mind that the fact that a mod changes navmesh in those cells doesn't necessarily mean it won't be compatible. This merely moves the crates and a few plants or static around where needed. No edits were made to the navmesh itself. In Markarth, I painted some landscape to remove grass and keep the scene tidy (please check screenshot above). It will conflict with Lanscape Fixes and the conflict should be resolved by having this mod win the landscape record (place this plugin below the Landscape Fixes plugin).

I hope you enjoy this patch.

All credits to Icecreamassassin and the LOTD dev team. Go check Legacy of The Dragonborn SSE if you haven't (but then, why check this mod anyway?) and remember to endorse it.