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The summoning, harvesting, looting, and storing features of "Convenient Horses" will work in "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE", "The Shire SE", "Beyond Reach", "Falskaar", "Vigilant SE", "The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE", "Wyrmstooth SSE", "Rigmor of Cyrodiil", "Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE".
Updates the horse's friendly factions.

Permissions and credits
Important, please take notice.
After installing wait 360s before saving and exiting the game, when notified please save the game (or save later, it doesn't matter).
Failing to do so could cause malfunction to the mod because even a fast computer needs some time to update so many forms.
  • If you saved before the completion of the updating process, don't exit the game, wait for a notification and save again after reading it.
  • If you saved and closed the game before completion (error, blackout, ctd, and so on), the most effective and obvious solution would be deleting the last save and reloading the previous one.
  • If deleting the last save isn't a good option, you should uninstall the mod, reload and save, optionally run a save cleaner (FallrimTools is very good, apply 'remove unattached instances' and 'remove undefined elements'), then reinstall the mod.

The patches for "Convenient Horses 5.0" don't have an automatic update of the faction relations, it should be possible to update them from the configuration menu, if I do remember correctly.

Merged patches included.