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Enables a visible body in 1st person. Port of the Joy of Perspective mod for original Skyrim.

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The Joy of Perspective project is a complete overhaul of Skyrim's first person that adds more realistic animations and a visible body. Animations can be chosen between the more realistic 3rd person style animations (where weapons are held off screen) and vanilla style animations. This mod is a port of the Joy of Perspective mod on original Skyrim.

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Xbox One


Please make a backup of your saved game before installing.

1. Activate 'The Joy of Perspective SE Beta' in NMM and follow instructions.

* For manual installation, extract the contents of the "00 Core" folder to your Skyrim data folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\data). The '00 Core' folder installs the female movement animations, vanilla weapon stance, and vanilla animations by default. If you prefer something else, the other folders can be extracted into your data folder.

The "31 Optional Movement Behaviors" can be installed to enable additional movement direction animations (forward/backward-left/right). These have less quality when using Vanilla Combat Stance animations.

2. Click yes to overwrite all files/folders if prompted.

3. Activate the Joy of Perspective.esp

Note: Users of XPMSE should install it after Joy of Perspective using the JoP compatibility skeleton option.


Please follow these directions to avoid creating bugs with your save game. If they are not installed, switch to the Combat Stance Vanilla animations. Then make a saved game with your weapons out before uninstalling Joy of Perspective.

If removal via NMM fails a manual removal can be performed as follows:

1. Delete the following folder from your Skyrim install directory:


2. Delete the JOP ESP files:

Data\Joy of Perspective.esp

Known Issues

- The player does not cast a shadow.
- Feet do not have correct movement if you are moving when attacking/blocking.
- Your arms can sometimes clip into your body when looking down during certain animations.
- When swimming on the surface, your body may appear to be floating above the water.

Mod Compatibility

Custom armor mods may not have a visible body. Mod authors wishing to add compatibility can do so by editing each ArmorAddon in the esp to remove the male/female 1st person meshes. This will force the game to use the 3rd person meshes in 1st person.


Thanks to the original Joy of Perspective developers:
3AMt, CylonSurfer
And additional contributors:
scrivener07, Sagittarius22, Drakenof, xp32

A big thanks to Loup Sombre for his help and assistance.
Thanks to Zillier, Crusader12k for creating armor compatibility patches for a previous beta.
Thanks to Zartar for Skyrim Behavior Organizer.
Thanks to figment for hkxcmd.
Thanks to the Niftools team for their work on animations tools (Nifskope, Niflib).
Thanks to the Unofficial Patch team for imported fixes.
Thanks to fore for the hug of death bug fix.
Thanks to everyone who helped support Joy of Perspective during the beta.