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Triss Merigold from The Witcher series as standalone voiced follower for Skyrim.
Romance Quest
SMP Wigs Included.

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Triss Merigold from The Witcher series as standalone voiced follower for Skyrim.

Uses her original Witcher 3 head model with few improvements.
Follower comes with a short unmarked quest to romance the NPC...or not.
Custom voiced with over 300 unique, new lines of dialogue.

- Version 2.0 comes with an MCM menu, horse riding, outfit manager, talk frequency, teleport and a few other spells.
She has a book in her inventory, that will unlock a few crafting recipes for Wigs, and earrings, under MISC. You need to have the book in your inventory to see them. The book also contains a few explanations about the mod.

Sleeping Giant Inn

Please note that this mod contains a "start enabled quest"This means you'll have to run a new savegame and successfully talk to Triss in this new game, before being able to recruit her in your old savegames. This seems to be a Skyrim quirk, and if you do skip the new savegame part, chances are that her lips will not move.

If you have already done that (ONCE) there's no need to do it again, ever, especially if it works correctly.

Usually a new clean save is recommended, however if you're an experianced user you may do the following.
If you are
 UPDATING, you have to:

1. Stop the triss related quests with console command "stopquest IDquest"
2. Dismiss the follower and save.
3. Load and save.
4. Install the mod, and start a new game, and talk to Triss.
5. Load your previously "cleaned" savegame.



Triss Merigold RACE is REQUIRED.
(SC_ZZ_Triss.esp can be disabled, and if disabled Race compatibility is NOT needed)
All you need are the race files (meshes and textures) for the follower to work, no other mod, or plugin.

If you're still confused on the installation, please check the step by steb guide below.


1. Download Triss Merigold RACE, and install it with a mod manager. Follow fomod instruction, and pick the preferred options.

2. In your mod manager switch to Plugins tab, and disable SC_ZZ_Triss.esp (if you do not want the playable race)
(doing this will make sure the race is not active in your load order, allowing you to NOT INSTALL Race compatibility, which is NOT NEEDED).
How to in Vortex:

3. Download and install Triss Merigold - Voiced Follower, and install it again with a mod manager and follow FOMOD instructions.

4. Play.
It is recommended to start the mod in a new savegame. Once you have talked to her in your new savegame all the old savegames will work properly too.
It's how Skyrim handles quests and dialogue lip sync.


Do not manage with AFT (or Others) she is not vanilla framework.
Yet you can give her an outfit with AFT, but do not manage her behaviour.



OUTFIT: Default witcher 3 outfit in both CBBE or UNP (choose in installer) 
New port with better weightpaint.
SLEEP OUTFIT: is Lingerie from TW3
LOCATION: Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood)
VOICE: Original voicelines from TW3 (200+ Lines)
QUEST: Followers comes with an unmarked quest, that allows a better romance than just showing up with amulet of mara.

The mod contains HDT-PE (LE) and SMP (SE) Wigs, you can get them with console and give them to her if you want HDT movement on the Hair!
Various Wigs are included. This mod is recommended:


Q: Lips do not move, HELP?
A: The mod requires a new savegame to activate lip movement. You start a new save, find Triss, and start the quest, then load back your save, which will then work fine. This is a Skyrim quirk with start enabled quests.

Q: Update is broken, help?
A: Please see the guide on how to successfully update, that is written on top of the description page, or check the manual she has in her inventory.

Q: Why are the outfits from Outfit Manager not working?
A: Those outfits are Extra content, and can only be seen, if you have the latest version of Witcher 3 female armors installed.

Q: Is HDT required?
A: No, it is not required to run the mod, however it is required is you select certain HDT specific options in the installer, and if you do use the HDT wigs. Both features are optional, and you can use the mod without HDT installed.

Q: Can I use AFT?
A: Yes, as long as you do not try to Recruit\dismiss the follower with it, or change her behaviour through it. You can even manage her outfit!

Q: Her body and face is pink! hELp!
A: You did not read neither the description or the requirement warning!
    Please dwnload the required Triss Merigold RACE. You don't need to activate the ESP, but you MUST choose which body texture and face to use.

A: HDT "hairs" are wigs included in the ESP. you can get them with AdditemMenu, or crafting. Triss has a book, you need to hold in your inventory to be able to craft them.

Q: Bodyslide?
A: No. The outfit has handpainted weights. it'll not work in bodyslide. It'd be a mess of clipping, distortions, and a generally low quality output.

Q: Sexmod Compatibility?
A: No. It belongs to CDPR It's no meant to be used for such purposes. You're on your own for that.

Q: Will you add...?
A: No, this is all.

She has her own voice. She is a mage balanced for a vanilla playthrough.

Find her in Riverwood "Sleeping Giant Inn", talk to her, and choose how to approach her.
Your dialogue and your relationship with her will change according to the interactions you have with her.
She has a small unmarked quest in which you can chose to romance her through some cheesy dialogue lines ripped from the witcher 3.
Since her voice comes fromt he game i didn't have the option to chose what she says.
Yes you can be rude to her too!

She'll have more dialogue as long as you complete quests form the main quests, you'll have to talk to her.
Below you ave a summary of when the dialogues unlock:

Dialogue 1 >> Upon meeting
Dialogue 2 >> After MQ105 - The Way of the Voice (Greybeards)
Dialogue 2a (if you are rude to her) > after MQ106 A blade in the dark
Dialogue 3 >> MQ203 (Alduin's Wall) \\ Romance option
Dialogue 4 >> MQ206 (Alduin's Bane)
Additional DIalogues:
Dialogue25 + > AT HOME, After Romance Option
Dialogue 35+> AT HOME \\After MQ 206 and its Main DIALOGUE
Marriage > AT HOME \\After MQ 206 and its Main DIALOGUEMost ofthe dialogues require Triss to be in your services.

Follower's framerok is based on LEVIONTE's works. So if you tell her to wait somewhere she'll wait for 3 days, and then go back to her original location.
She is scripted for marriage, however without a cerimony (due to scripts acting out). You'll not be able to tell her in which house to live in, and therefore you must use the mod "My home is your home".

My home is your home - LE
My home is your home - SE



This mod is a fixed, improved, expanded version of this mod:
Triss Merigold by imArwyn and levionte.

It is an independent mod, and DOES NOT require the previous version.
They MUST not be used together, please make sure you unisnstall that mod, before installing this.
Also you SHOULD clean your savegame from scripts if you previously played that mod.
(savetool cleaner is your friend).

Do not manage with AFT (or Others) she is not vanilla framework.


Levionte for framework
ViciousSARR for guiding me step by step in the process, and also writing advanced scripts.
Dimon99 for UNP body
Caliente for CBBE body
Humus and billyro for Cubemaps.
Dint999 for XML
HydrogensaysHDT for HDT
CDPR for Witcher3
Bathsebah - Glorified Hair
Halendia and KrittaKitty for horse texture.
Many Thanks to the people on Patreon for testing the mod.

Please do not upload it anywhere else.

LE Version