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A central hub for any compatibility patches available for Serana Dialogue Add-On. Updated for Version 4.0!

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Final Fantasy XV's greasemonkey Cindy is done patching up cars, and is now well... patching up mods! 

You've probably heard of a little mod called Serana Dialogue Add-On before- SDA for short. Why else would you be here? 

SDA was designed with compatibility in mind, but it still has quite a doozy of content. This "patch hub" aims to fix that by providing an all-in-one automatic 'FOMOD' installer and mod page for everything SDA patch-related, while keeping the main SDA one as squeaky clean as a vanilla install. 

Available Patches 
Add-On/Framework Patches:
Flower Girls, OStim NG, Sexlab

Awareness Patches (Gameplay Mods):
Campfire- When Serana is in a relationship with the player, she can spoon with them at a Campfire. Requires the Campfire mod by Chesko.
Wintersun- Optional patch for the Wintersun mod, so that it recognizes SDA's custom Serana marriage for Mara, Dibella, and Morwha's religious tenets.
I'm Glad You're Here- Patch for I'm Glad You're Here. Adds revoice for the Serana Huggies! Also disables GYH's gift feature in favor of SDA's, while still giving GYH's perk boosts!

Awareness Patches (Armor Mods):
Crimson Blood Armor- Dialogue awareness for the DX Crimson Blood Armor. To start, during the Chasing Echoes quest, read Valerica's Journal placed in the Castle Courtyard. 
Lustmord Armor- Optional patch for the Lustmord Armor. New quest-aware commentary, as well as dialogue for said armor.

Awareness Patches (Quest Mods):
House of Horrors Quest Expansion. Serana will be able to fully comment on the tweaked and expanded House of Horrors quest, courtesy of JaySerpa. Based on what you choose the quest - and Serana's subsequent interactions will play out differently. 
No To Nocturnal: Serana will now comment on the Thieves Guild quest differently if you refuse to become a Nightingale. Support for actual role-play, yay! New dialogue lines as well as tweaked dialogue for the existing Thieves Guild commentary.

Awareness Patches (Misc. Mods):
Sweets and Such-Through gift-giving awareness. Serana will now comment on being given various sweets! 

Compatibility Patches: 
Amorous Adventures- Recommended patch for those who use Amorous Adventures (Not AA Plus). Rebuilt from the ground-up so that it just disables all the Amorous Adventures Serana content on game load.
Castle Vokihar Rebuilt- Patch for the Castle Volkihar Rebuilt mod, ensuring that SDA's Home Marker works well with this mod (which also changes Serana's dismiss point).
Nether's Follower Framework- Dialogue line patch for Nether's Follower Framework to reduce VA overlap and solve quest compatibility issues. NOTE: For maximum compatibility with NFF, it is recommended to do the following: (1.) Toggle "Use Default Follow" in the base follower settings (2.) Also check "disable teleport" and enable "wait forever".
NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara- Patch for NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara, carrying over marriage records from SDA to the new dialogues in the former mod. Patch by Mur4s4me. 
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul- This patch disables RDOs added dialogue to prevent VA overlap and provide a consistent user experience. 
Convenient Horses- Patch for the Convenient Horses mod to ensure you can use Serana's Custom Horse Support from SDA along with the new features/horse support that naturally comes with the former mod.
Race Compatibility- Allows Serana to recognize custom races. Requires Race Compatibility mod.
Remiel Banter- Batch for SDA's Remiel Banter, to prevent voice overlap - as Remiel originally talked with the vanilla Serana. Install if you have Remiel installed.
IFD Lydia- Patch for IFD Lydia. Revoices her existing banter, and tweaks it to trigger more reliably.
Cure Serana Quest Plus- This plugin solves conflicting dialogue records. It carries over both SDA's and Cure Quest Plus' edits while ensuring full functionality for both mods, at least in regards to the cure quest, stays operational.
- Umbra (CC)- Patch for CC Umbra content since both mods previously edited the same cell- it was previously an unused test cell - CC Umbra repurposed it into a dungeon, SDA adds markers. 

Feature Preference Patches:
Clothed Sleep Patch- Patch to have Serana not unequip her armor when sleeping. This is just a modified script; if you're using this patch- make sure it overwrites SDA's.
Spell Toggle Patch- Expands Serana's spell toggles to cover her raise corpse spells (and eventually all her vanilla spells in a later update). NEEDS A PATCH IF YOU ARE USING SERANA REPLACERS OR ELSE YOU WILL GET A BLACK FACE BUG. Use xEdit or EasyNPC to merge the script and spell edits of my mod and the visual replacer of your choice.
Trueblood Spell Toggle Patch - Same as "Spell Toggle Patch" but with built in Trueblood Serana compatibility. Use only one patch (either Spell Toggle or Trueblood Spell Toggle).
Bloodcursed Arrows Patch- Patch to re-enable the Bloodcursed Arrows request dialogue from Serana, which was initially disabled due to inconsistencies with the Dawnguard questline and her character. This is for people who want that gameplay feature.

SDA Integrations (Integrated Into the Mod, No Patches Needed)

Awareness Patches (Gameplay Mods):
Sleep Tight
Apocalypse Spells

Awareness Patches (Armor Mods):
BDO Ram Horn Witch
Twilight Princess

Awareness Patches (House Mods):
Underground Spa
Leaf Rest
Mirele Basmath Reborn

Follower Banter: 
Inigo, Auri, Sofia, Remiel (but patch needed for voice overlap)

Mod Requirements
Serana Dialogue Add-On (The latest available version)

Install Instructions
Just install how you normally would with your mod manager of choice. Select the appropriate options in the FOMOD installer.

Update Instructions
Just replace the old patch versions with new ones.

Uninstall Instructions
Any patch that only tweaks existing records and doesn't add existing scripts should be safe to uninstall on an existing save. Otherwise, don't do it. 

Load Order
Patched Mod>SDA>SDA Patch

For more information and burning questions, please visit my website!

Martimius: Content Lead (Writing, Scripting, Quest Design, Debug, and everything else not listed below)
- Kerstyn Unger: The wonderful new voice behind Serana. You can check her out here! | You can also support her on Ko-Fi:
Bethesda for making such an amazing game
- Square Enix for creating the awesome and amazing Cindy character in FFXV!
Serana Screenshots by Wooden Knight

Legal Disclaimer: Just because a particular belief or worldview is expressed in this Skyrim modification, either implied or explicit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I condone and/or accept those beliefs as my own. After all, this is a work of fiction for a fantasy setting.

Serana Dialogue Add-On is based on the world and characters written by Bethesda Game Studios for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, all copyright within the confines of content added by this individual game modification belongs to me, the mod author. You must first get permission from me before you can modify, use, or alter my files for public use.

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