Skyrim Special Edition
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Increase your fps AND improve your gameplay visuals/experience, now converted to ModPack!
Or for those experiencing CTDs from Tronizen's mod

Permissions and credits
Paramount - FPS Galore for Newrim by Tronizen looked like just what I wanted initially, but there have been reports that it causes CTDs.

siralberto (source)
that mod gives me ctd and the author does not say which options are compatible with the game

BowmoreLover (source)
Paramount - FPS and Fixes Galore - May random CTD in interiors such as border post.

Well I am here to remedy that; you can replace almost everything with assets that are safe from a variety of other mods here on the Nexus.
I've compiled a list (now ModPack) complete with links to alternatives that are proven to be safe and even gone beyond the scope of the original mode with additional options

With the conversion of the modlist to being a modpack, the main download is now an installer - complete with conditionals, options and comparison pics where possible.
For load order, these are for the most part loose files (models and textures) so have your mod organizer load them before conflicting mods to make sure those other mods work correctly (left pane in MO2) I suggest loading it directly after USSEP if you use it, which you should since it fixes the "Duplicate Whiterun Texture"
Any ESPs should be near the bottom of your load order (right pane in MO2)
Apart from ESPs, loose file mods should be safe to install or remove during a playthrough.  To remove an ESP, you might have to run a Save Cleaner

All files have been run through CAO with minimum settings to make sure they won't break anything

A couple of DynDOLOD users reported getting CTD with remover mods enabled.
The files that were causing this: [farmhousebrubble01.nif] [fxglowfillrndlitbrt.nif] & [FXGlowFillRndLitXBrt.nif]
The method of removal is different in the new version so this should no longer be an issue with v3.1.2

All included mods have their permissions available to view in screenshot form as "Permission.png" within each mod's folder which includes the mod's unique nexus identification code (and version number) in the folder title.

Now I've done my best to find replacements for everything, but even so I might've missed something. 
If you know of a mod that I missed or of a better version of a mod in my pack feel free to let me know in the comments.
Any and all constructive feedback welcome!

Mods Included:
Animation Limit Fix
Battle Ready Candlelight Fixes
Bronze Shine Be Gone
Candle Lag Fix
Chillrend Sound Bug Fix and Removal
Enhanced Female Head Mesh
Eyes AO Clipping Fix
Fix Your Face (Cleaner Face Details)
Motion Sensitive Fix
Seamless Males
Serana's Hood Fix
WoodElf - MaleHair - Fix

Banish those Yellow Green Dungeon Leaves
Dwemer Centurion Draw Calls
Eye Adaptation and Bloom Removed
Improved water performance
Less Intense Godrays
Less Visually Obtrusive Cloak Spell Effects
Low Resolution Particles
Optimize Precipitation
Optimized Textures
Reach Tree Branch Replacer
Rumble Crumble
Universal Fog Remover
Project Optimization
Underwater Visibility Fix

Cave Dirt Lag Fix
Elemental Fury Sound Fix
Faster Loading Mod
No Camera Filters
No Flat Rubble
No Floating Dust Particles
No Floating Fog
No Trees - Remove All Trees of Skyrim
No grass in Cities
Removing Ugly Details from Logs
Realistic Treeline
Remove Animal Trophies and Taxidermy
Remove Annoying Things
Remove Blood
Remove Blurry Snowflakes
Remove Burnt Farmhouse Rubble
Remove Clouds
Remove Dreamcatchers and Decorative shields
Remove Dust Fog Smoke Mist Glow
Remove Falling Aspen Leaves and Pine Needles
Remove Icefloes
Remove Small Rocks
Remove Underwater Grass
Remove Useless Plants
Remove that glow
World Map - Accurate Contrast Without Clouds and Noise

Mods whose function / effect is included, but whose assets are not:
No More Swirl Effects From Absorb
Quieter Dungeons and Caves
Smoke Remover