Skyrim Special Edition
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Optimized Texture For Skyrim Special Edition.
Reduce the filesize of unoptimized vanilla texture

Permissions and credits
Nothing much to say here...
I primarily did it for myself but though it could be useful for other people.


This mod basically provide optimized version for all the un-optimized vanilla texture (around 4.500 of them + 15.000 other for the Distant Terrain).
Some (thousands) textures From the original BSA are saved in a wrong format (usually DXT5 without alpha) resulting in a waste a Vram.
I just found them and converted them in the right format (DXT1 in this case).

This allow a reduced Vram consumption, more FPS, and no quality change (well if you compare very carefully the converted textures with the originals ones you may notice some pixels have changed...)

No problems or quality loss are to be expected...

- No quality loss
- Less than 0.1% of quality loss (for diffuse textures)
- Free Vram reduction
- Free more FPS


-Drag and Drop in you Data folder or use NMM as usual.
-Be sure to NEVER OVERWRITE ANYTHING when installing. Just say no to all for overwrite if asked. You will have to overwrite texture from this mod every time an other mod ask for it.
-If you are using mod manager load this mod the higher possible (or with the lower priority possible).

Credit :
-AdPipino for his amazing tool
-Bethesda for the originals Textures.

-You are free to use files from this mod in your mod (or upload a modified version of it), credit are appreciated but not needed.