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No goddamn blinding dust — now in SSE.

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The original mod author doesn't mod anymore and as such stated that all their mods are free to modify and publish. Moreover, someone on Skyrim modding subreddit asked for a variant of that mod. And I haven't found any alternative on the SSE Nexus.

Go figure.

Although it's A-OK to use meshes made for Oldrim, with specific "buts", the new NIF file format is a bit more optimized. Whatever.

So I ported the mod with ousnius' neat tool and also (probably a questionable change, but feel free to discuss) stripped redundant editor marker and BSX flags (it is not animated and is not visible anyway, and there is no editor marker) with latest version of Nifskope. This means you wouldn't be able to see the fog meshes in CK, however... I'm not really sure if you actually need that.

And there we are.


This mod replaces the floating dust meshes you very often see in dungeons with absolutely blank ones — no polygons, nothing, just the root node, header and footer. It doesn't remove the distance fog — that needs an esp file with changing every cell settings, and that's what the goal of rgabriel15's Remove Interior Fog was. SSE port by LoD7995 here.

It will for sure ease the navigation in your favorite draugr infested dungeon and may even give a performance boost.


Unpack and drop in your Data folder. Overwrite if necessary.

Don't forget to download and endorse the original mod made by 747823 if you haven't already!


but why
Remove all the installed meshes — the game will revert to originals, which are contained in Skyrim - Meshes.bsa.