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optimized game textures, full overview is down below

Permissions and credits
bethesdas textures optimized for performance with minimal quality loss (forgot to correct the no quality loss statement that i had originally

credit goes to bethesda for the game and to the developers of ordenator & DDSopt without which this would not have been possible,  textures for low end pcs now available

credit also goes to the creators of octagon & cathedral assets optimizer

note's about mod or faq

does this work with 1.5.97?

yes this will work 1.5.97, nothing has changed aside form the folder structure and possibly having some new textures added

is this compatible with vr?

i do not know in theory it should be but i do not use vr therefore i have no way of knowing

what has been changed between the last two versions?

well aside from the folder structure change and possibly having more textures added in from the new updates the only thing that has really changed is how everything was processed to further improve performance.

does this work with the non anniversary edition of this game or the anniversary edition?

it works with both and there is no reason for it to not work with both

will the older version of this mod be un-hidden so i can use the low end or medium end version of this mod?

i will be remaking the low end and medium versions of this mod using the newer process, so that would be a negative i have no plans to un-hide the older versions of this mod since they are getting replaced and updated so i do not see the need for un-hiding the older version of this mod

will this work with skyrim legendary edition?

no it will not because oldrim cannot load bc7 textures

hopefully this answers many of the questions that everyone might have or might have had if not then i will make more revisions to this section later

this mod now uses the bc7 format and prior versions of this mod are now considered obselete

the old mod description has been removed because it had outdated information

i have decided to change the name of this mod to unofficial performance optimized textures or just UPOT

(refer to articles tab for questions & answers along with guides and tutorials, read sticky posts for updates)

please check the articles page before posting questions  or asking for help in the comments section. the articles will cover most questions, guides, and tutorials.


simply replace the files that are normally inside the data folder, there is no need to keep the originals unless you find a problem with this mod

it is recommended that you have the main game files installed through MO2 (mod organizer 2), if done correctly using MO2 then the data folder should always be empty

to recap the original texture files that these replace are not needed and should not be used unless you find a problem with this mod

mod optimization

inside the download section you will find octagon presets that can be used to optimize the textures of other mods, and there is a articles tab explaining how to optimize textures for personal use.

this was done for those who do not understand how octagon works or how it is used, and this was also done because there are many mods like clockwork and bruma which have not been optimized.

(note that simply converting the textures to bc7 without resizing improves the performance, and i do not recommend resizing the textures unless the performance of your pc is to low to handle the default textures)

so as a revision here is what the mod does

it allows you to use heavy texture setups

it allows you to have a better experience when using old computers by reducing the load that it puts on your graphics card

it optimizes the vanilla textures with minimal quality loss

simply put it improves the end user experience

here is what the mod does not do

it does not replace good modding practices and habits

it does not make it so you can use the wrong settings and still have a good modding experience

it does not allow you to use mods that were made wrong or ported from oldrim incorrectly

it does not allow you to simply install mods without adjusting your mod order and load order

it does not replace the need for a good mod manager like MO2

it does not replace the need for patches like USSEP

and above all it does not replace the need to follow good modding guides like STEP