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bethesdas textures optimized for performance without quality loss, credit also goes to bethesda for the game and to the developers of ordenator & DDSopt without which this would not have been possible, textures for low end pcs now available

Permissions and credits
Bethesda default textures have been optimized in the manner described below

all files have been redone using only DDSopt,  there are two downloads one for 512x512 (resolution) & one for 1024x1024 (resolution)
quality loss using just DDSopt was very minimal even on the 512x512 (resolution)

there are other settings that i used in DDSopt in addition to using a different version DDSopt (pre release version), and the results were overall better being used by itself than with ordenator or the other version of DDSopt (file sizes form DDSopt per-release were in a few cases better than those put out by ordenator with less texture bugs & in some cases seemed to look better in game which is probably just a matter of opinion).

anyway all files have been consolidated there are only two files, and each file is for their respective resolution. some screenshots of the 512x512 were added in to show how minimal the difference between the two is regarding quality but should otherwise be best suited for laptop users. i checked for missing textures, purple textures, mismatched textures, and could not find any.

(note bugs go in bug section not the comments section)

(hint resolution only makes a difference if your hardware supports those resolutions, otherwise you are just wasting hardware resources trying to get 4k out of a 1080p display)

(it is not recommended to use a smaller or bigger resolution than what your display supports to avoid up-scaling & down-scaling, and it should be noted that i only do this for testing purposes)

(note that the performance benefit comes form having more free vram which allows you to use better texture mods)

(note that this does not mean that you will have more fps, but it does mean that your ram and vram will take less of a performance hit and will struggle less to maintain a stable fps rate)

(note read sticky's in the comments section for more information and to find answers to any questions you may have, the sticky's are there for a reason so please read through them for your benefit)

2gb  to 4 gb  of graphics memory (vram) barely meets the requirements for running skyrim se at low to medium quality settings without texture mods

6gb of graphics memory (vram) will let you run skyrim se at medium to high quality settings with some texture mods

8gb of graphics memory (vram) or better is optimal for running skyrim at high to ultra quality settings with good texture mods installed

you also want 8gb of regular ram or better if you plan on running dlc mods with your skyrim or if you plan on running a lot of mods just in general

install replace files in data folder if using nmm or vortex for mods, for MO2 users i would recommend sticking skyrim se main master files and bsa files inside a mod folder loading them before all other mods including skse scripts & plugins.