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This mod was designed to combat motion sickness related to common FPS effects.

What this mod does:
::Removes the camera's head-bob effects while running.
::Removes the FOV zoom & head-bob while sprinting.
::BONUS! Even with weapons drawn! First of its' kind!
::NEW! Now removes all camera

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This mod was designed to combat motion/simulation sickness related to common FPS effects such as head-bobbing and camera swaying.

What this mod does:
::Removes the camera's head-bob effects while running.
::Removes the FOV zoom & head-bob while sprinting.
::Removes FOV zoom and head-bob with weapons drawn! First of its' kind! 
(Some weapons will react differently while sprinting in order to remove camera sway and zoom; this is normal)
::NEW! Now removes camera sway when drawing and attacking with weapons! (Does not include power attacks)
::NEW! Now removes third-person FOV zooming when sprinting!
(Only without a weapon drawn)



"No more Radial Blur" by Gorgulla
What it 
does: Removes radial blur effect during kill moves.

"Dynamically Disable Eye-Adaptation and Bloom" by jstabb
What it does: Removes the eye-adapt effect when looking at the sky or light sources, also removes odd blooming on random objects and items.

I consider these above mods essential for people with motion/simulation sickness. Please check them out!

      ::UPDATE 1::
Version 1.1 has fixed the footstep sounds while running, and removed all forms of head-bobbing found previously. I have also found a way to disable the 3rd person zoom. ::PLEASE NOTE::If you sprint with weapon drawn in 3rd person, it WILL STILL ZOOM. This only changes the standard sprinting:: Sprinting animation was slightly tweaked. Some weapons will react differently to sprinting than before. For instance, some may go "unequiped" until sprinting completes. As of now this is normal due to the way I created the mob and I do not, at this time, have a way to change it. As always, I have not tested every weapon combination in dual wield or shields. Please post with any bugs or problems.
      ::UPDATE 2::
Uploaded a read me file with useful tips and tricks for those that are still looking for more ways to enjoy the game without triggering nausea.
      ::11/06/16 | 9:00 P.M. EST::


Place the files in the Skyrim Special Edition Directory At Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition

The folder I provided was "DATA" And "DATA" should be directly in the SSE directory. Any mistakes in the folder placement will cause issues.

So to be clear; Your folder should look as followed:

Your PC::Program Files(Or wherever Steam is installed)::Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/_1stPerson/Animations ---- Files ----


Simply delete all folders and files included in the installation.