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All Skyrim SE textures cleaned of compression artifacts, removed bad bicubic upscaling, and other random fixes. Improves performance too.

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All Skyrim SE textures cleaned of compression artifacts, removed bad bicubic upscaling, and other random fixes. Modern BC7 compression or uncompressed. 

Kofi **rattles tip jar**

Example Order:
1> Skyrim base game
4> Everything else


Here's a Krappy Kartoffel video explaining what this does. tl;dw: Give more performance by fixing texture resolution, gives better quality by cleaning blockiness. If you want more info read under the "Can I have info?" section.


Skyrim SE did some funky stuff. I fix with big machine. All textures except tintmasks, and cubemaps. Which should be generated or replaced with that one tintmask mod. Cubemaps can be found here.

Can I have info?


What does this mean?

Although SSE uses DXT11, it doesn't use modern compression format
Comparison of dark elf female head normal (512x512) @ 800% zoom 
BC7 is modern compression.
BC1 is old compression.
BC1_smooth2 is model I used to remove compression.
BC1_noiseagressive3 is another model I previously used to remove compression
Uncompressed is the source image.

Secondarily, SSE uses possibly the worst method of upscaling for SLE textures. Not only does it do it bicubically, it's working on compressed textures. Then it is SAVED as the OLD BC1 format.
This produces results such as these:

Where the SSE is worse than SLE, STILL 4x FILE SIZE (2x resolution):

Where SSE is identical, STILL 4x FILE SIZE (2x resolution) (tell me which one is SSE?):

For comparison here is reasonable quality 2x upscaling, which yes is 4x file size:

So anyway this is how I clean all the textures.

The BC7 version performance uses about 500MB less VRAM/RAM than SSE.
Total VRAM case (from sse + enb) (from idle)
760MB idle (-2,200MB) (0MB)
2960MB sse + enb (0MB) (2,200MB)
2620MB sse + enb + upot (-340 MB) (1,860MB)
2467MB sse + enb + csset (-490MB) (1,710MB)

upot = unoffical performance optimized textures
csset = cleaned skyrim special edition textures (this mod)

Dump preferred version into MO2/Vortex/Whatever
Recommend loading before everything else but USSEP, so all your fancy textures overwrite it. Consider this a vanilla replacer :-)

If you want the actual SSE upscales I did/am doing they live here:
Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures (SSEUT)
Install this mod first, then SSEUT ontop. I actually made this to help with SSEUT work...


Compatibility with x mod?
This is textures, so it cannot break your game. However, all mods but USSEP should overwrite this.
Example Priority in MO2:
0 DLC - HearthFires
1 DLC - Dragonborn
2 DLC - Dawnguard
3 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
4 Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures (This mod)
5 Some other mod

My map has no roads?
Roads are added by mod "Quality World Map" or such, please make sure ALL OTHER MODS OVERWRITE THIS.

Can you upload somewhere else so I can download faster?
No. The intent is to provide non-premium nexus users with a sense of pride and accomplishment for waiting 42 minutes for this download at 2MB/s.

Can you split the file into pieces so I can download with my sh*tty internet?
No. Use download manager like Jdownloader. If your internet drops during the download, Jdownloader will protect it from corruption.

Ugly distant tiling?
I looked into this and it is from textures/terrain (which is for distant terrain). This is what it looks like by default (as far as I can see). If you want some better looking terrain LOD use this mod. Terrain LOD redone

I don't care.

KajKajKaj: Latest Direct Overwrite
ShatterRock; Direct Overwrite packing
xinntao; ESRGAN
honh/ptsruder; IEU
alsa/blueamulet; BC1smooth2 model
arthmoor; USSEP
Game Upscale Discord
nvidia texture tools