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Simple textures/meshes replacer to remove blood. It offers 3 options to choose: Blood Screen Effect, Blood Squirt Effect, Blood Decal Texture.
Personally, I use it to remove Blood Screen Effect only but you can choose whatever you want.

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Remove Blood

Simple textures/meshes replacer to remove blood from your game.


3 options to choose. All options can use together.
1. Blood Screen Effect - Removes the blood splatter that appears on your screen.
2. Blood Squirt Effect - Removes the blood spurts when you hit someone.
3. Blood Decal Texture - Removes the bloodstain on the ground, weapon, and body.

Personally, I use only Blood Screen Effect option because I have no problem with blood.
If you feel uncomfortable to see blood, Just install all 3 options.


Simply download and install. Choose whatever you want. All options can use together.


Citizen86 - Original author of No Blood. I use blank textures files from this mod.